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Son_of_Gothos · 62

Slice Your Way to Victory


Credit: Female Warrior by taunteanna


The main goal is to max out the Runic Axe with Heirloom, Inscription of Glory, Inscription Of the Elders, Ancient Power and Scriptweaver. Using Will to Survive or Strong-Armed you can do one All-In big attack with the Axe using all of its charges and one-shot / get clues / heal / draw etc.

But what to do while your Axe is recharging? Well, you have Blessed Blade with Occult Reliquary. It seems like that's a lot of XP, but with Down the Rabbit Hole and only 1 new card along the way, you will have a big chunk of cheaper upgrades.

It's also resource heavy strategy, but Zoey has no problem with that. Also Geared Up and Schoffner's Catalogue will higly reduce the cost of all your items. Two copies of On the Hunt can be used to make sure you have something to attack when your Axe is fully recharged. The most important upgrades are Backpacks and Runic Axe.

You have some soak and healing, but you really don't need that much, since you Axe will suck the living force of you enemies.

This build is not very good early in the campaign, but with some XP that will change. Also, this is a second version of this build. If you want, check out my previous verision without Geared Up.