Supporto. Mano

Oggetto. Arma. Mischia. Illecito.

Costi: 1.
Icone Abilità:


: Combatti. Se hai successo di 2 o più punti, infliggi +1 danno in questo attacco.

Matthew Cowdery
Scatola Base #44.

The basic Switchblade is, I'm afraid, the lamest weapon in the core set. It's got a couple of nice features; being fast saves an action, and it's low cost makes it feasible to play in a hurry. Sadly, though, it doesn't offer much. A strength bonus is a big part of the reason for playing a weapon - and this offers none. The damage bonus is nice - but how are you going to manage consistent successes by +2? Weak enemies with high-health are pretty rare. Honestly, you're not going to make that +2 often; and so it is a bit of a waste, unless you can find some strange combination in the future. It doesn't even offer decent skill icons.

However, it's major redeeming feature is it's upgraded version - the Switchblade - which is worth a look.

AndyB · 430
Agreed. I would've rather it been: "Fast. --> Fight. If Switchblade was played this round, +2 combat for this attack." — ArkhamArkhanist · 2
@ArkhamArkhanist: That's a great, flavorful suggestion that would have made this card something more than binder fodder. — CaiusDrewart · 1854
This asset is Fast. (A fast asset may be played by an investigator during any player window on his or her turn.) Does it mean that I can use it 6 times during round? — Dice_UA · 1
I believe it can be "played" fast, not "used" fast. The arrow for the FIGHT option is an action, and takes an action point. — Philomorph · 1