Telescopic Sight

With the latest taboo (summer 2021), telescopic sight goes from an extremely situational card that you have to build around… To a situational card you have to build around. It's still a 3xp card you can’t use on others, and it can only trigger off a half dozen cards in guardian, and many of those start at three XP. (You can use it on Becky, the Thompson or the Winchester, but those are slim pickings.)

At its best, this is marksman on tap. Campaigns like Dunwich love spawning aloof enemies and putting them nearby, or regular enemies ahead of you. Same thing with the Innsmouth Conspiracy, although a hiding space or two will make this much more viable. (Oddly, you can use your telescopic scope while driving at 50 mph.)

But it’s a puzzle piece, and if you bring this, you’ll probably want extra ammo, enchant weapon for more damage, blessed ammunition, and well-maintained. And without two or three other players, you simply won’t have the enemy density to make this worthwhile compared to get over here or the riot whistle. Pair with Trish, Rita or Winnie for easier targets and less misfiring.

MrGoldbee · 1080
Forbidden Tome

If you don't built a deck around this card, it's rather useless cause it takes too many actions. You should move and investigate normally and probably gain more clues, even if you 1-2x.

However if you built a deck around it, it gets really crazy! If you have 12+ cards in hand, 2 of these in play and one tome on Abigail Foreman you spend 2 actions to move 3 times and gather 3 testless clues (6 actions worth). It get's even better if you add Knowledge is Power and Farsight with events that discover clues or investigate (Extensive Research, Burning the Midnight Oil). With so much auto cluing, you may not need regular investigate actions anymore, so you don't need boosts anymore.

While all of that sounds amazing, it needs a bit of setup. You need to increase handsize limit and get to 12+ cards in hand.

Django · 3604
Sign Magick

Sign Magick has good combo with charge spell and non-charge spell, of course. I think it also has good with supporting spell assets, such as Scrying, Clarity of Mind, Alchemical Transmutation, or Healing Words. In many cases, we confront two problem when we use thoes spells. One is leaks of arcane slot; we have only two arcane slots, one for fight and the other for investigate. The other is leaks of action to activate thoes spells. Sign Magick solves both problems.

elkeinkrad · 167
Hallowed Mirror

Absolutely fantastic card for Carolyn Fern. Carolyn can good value out of even subpar healing cards and loves Hallowed Mirror (0). Hallowed Mirror (3), however, seems custom-designed to annihilate Carolyn's weakness. Rational Thought is a nasty weakness that makes Carolyn useless at her primary purpose. Now, with Hallowed Mirror (3), if we have her signature Hypnotic Therapy in play, we can clear her weakness in 1 single turn by healing a mind-blowing four horror in a single turn. That is just spectacular. It is also fantastic if you are playing with her book strength/weakness. Foolishness is a great asset, but starts with 3 horror that must be healed before he's much use to you. That's one Soothing Melody - one action to get Carolyn her personal Crystalline Elder Sign. It's also great protection for her Black Wind weakness as well, as it makes you a much more reliable horror-healer.

Finally, let's consider that Soothing Melody's effect can be split between investigators/allies. Carolyn can (with hypnotic therapy), split the effect between herself and allies, to heal the team of 4 horror and earn the team 4 resources, all in 1 single round! Better yet, if there is currently only 3 horror out there to be healed, Carolyn can heal 3, earn 3 resources, and then reshuffle the card for later use.

And for one more bonus: this new Hallowed Mirror (3) does not cause Soothing Melodies to leave your deck when it does, so if something destroys the mirror, rest easy knowing your melodies are no longer vulnerable.

The versatility of this new hallowed mirror for Carolyn cannot be overstated and I see it becoming a stable upgrade for Carolyn decks.

Achire · 2
I actually don’t think this is necessarily a staple for Carolyn, and that’s only because there are a lot of ways for Carolyn to build. She could use that accessory slot for St Hubert’s Key to supplement her other roles, while using Peter Sylvestre and Solemn Vow to generate resources for herself instead of others. Something like HM 3 will keep your team sane forever, but its usefulness only lasts as long as there’s something to heal. Bigger groups, absolutely a great take for her. Smaller groups, feels a bit luxury. Who I really love this for is fighty Guardians as both self preservation and as a way for them to flex into support. Imo this upgrade is a staple for Mark more than anyone else. — StyxTBeuford · 12490

I would call this the Vicious Blow/Deduction of Survivor. Pretty much an auto-include.

For me this card is one of the strongest Survivor cards out there, maybe even the game, and really defines the class. Being able to recur any card from your discard is just so helpful. It doesn't even cost an action, just a successful test (generally on your turn due to the icons it possesses).

It's part of so many combos. Think of this card as the 3rd and 4th copies of your strongest cards - whether thats a Will to Survive, Look What I Found, Lucky! or anything else that your deck does.... it just multiplies the value of those cards. Not sure what you want? Hold it for later! You are never unhappy to see this card.

This goes in virtually every Survivor deck that I've built, with the exception of Patrice Hathaway. It's just that strong.

It does have limitations. It can only be used to recur Survivor Cards. This generally means that off-class survivors aren't interested in this card. You also need to succeed a test. Most likely this means an evade, and you can get screwed.

Crash · 7054
I think for off class it's even better. Their main class tend to add skill bonuses for their job and having lucky to negate worst token or eucatastrophe for autofail is pure win. Then using resourceful to do it again gets even better. You may feel bad for having all those cards in your hand until you need them if you never draw the worst tokens, but you really shouldnt. — Django · 3604
I wouldn't call it better for them. Recurring "Lucky!" (3) is certainly better than recurring "Lucky!" (0). But it's definitely not useless. It will stay in the Minh deck I'm currently running for the remainder of the campaign. Mainly as 3rd and 4th copy of "Sharp Vision", but sometimes also just "Lucky" (0). — Susumu · 150
Regarding "Eucatastrophe" (off class only relevant for Matheo): you can currently only recurre that one, if you don't play with the Taboo list. — Susumu · 150
My personal take is that Resourceful is the best level 0 card in the whole game, and its precisely because it doubles as both helping you pass a test and drawing back the single most useful red card in your discard pile at any given time. With the exception of the Improvised suite, this is pretty much always a fantastic play. You can take back an event to replay it, or an asset that got defeated or ran out of ammo, etc, and there are many efficient ways even to get assets into the discard for Survivor (see Act of Desperation). The one person I will shout out other than Patrice who maybe doesn't take this is William Yorick, and that's due to his asset recursion already being built in as well as his Guardian off-class sometimes making it hard for him to have solid targets for Resourceful- you don't need the card to have him get his Chainsaw back, for example. — StyxTBeuford · 12490
best level 0 *after taboos* of course — StyxTBeuford · 12490
"Act of Desperation" looks great to me to recur with it for Yorick. One in my group is currently playing him and does that all the times. — Susumu · 150