Soul Sanctification

This card has a pretty insane combo with Fickle Fortune.

The idea is that you have at least 1 copy of Fickle Fortune in your discard, and 2 copies of Resourceful in hand. Then, wait until the "Witching Hour" (the turn when there's one doom left on the agenda threshold).

Action 1: Pass a skill test, committing both Resourcefuls to it. Have each Resourceful pull Fickle Fortune out of your discard, healing your entire team for 3 damage and 3 horror.

Action 2: Play True Survivor, returning the Resourcefuls again

Action 3: Same as action 1.

You've just healed 12 damage and 12 horror, for a total of 24 Unexpected Courages. And not just for you - for every investigator with a copy of Soul sanctification. So in a 4-player game, this combo would generate 96 Unexpected Courages for your team. Which should be more than enough for your team to pass every skill test for the rest of the scenario.

If you had more than 3 actions, or other ways to recur them even more during this turn, you can probably get the number even higher.

After you pull off the combo, you can just do it again on a later turn, but select the second option, to cash in your Fickle Fortunes for entire extra rounds. Considering your entire team will be fully healed at that point, the direct damage and horror isn't much of a downside.

Neofalcon · 9
Limit 2 dilemmas a turn. — MrGoldbee · 1265
And only one soul sanctification in game because it's unique. — Tharzax · 1
It also adds doom and would only add charges to the user's Soul Sanctification. It's when *you* heal, not when you are healed by someone else. — SSW · 181
Welp. Wrong on just about every count. — Neofalcon · 9
This is why you read cards before posting about them, guys. — Neofalcon · 9


The word "after" refers to the moment immediately after the specified timing point or triggering condition has fully resolved.

So it appears, "The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion" gave Rita a new and clean answer to her weakness, by exploiting it. This does not look trivial, she needs ways to turn down their evade value to zero. An easier way to do that would be using two supplies from the level 3 Flashlight (also from TSK, not yet on ArkhamDB, but it did not change from the Beta version floating around for some time), less wasteful with uses, but also more janky, to combine just one supply from it with Impromptu Barrier.

Because Exploit Weakness discards the enemy as part of the Evasion, and the Forced ability would trigger after the Hoods are discarded, they are already out of play and can't attack anymore. Is this more efficient than taking either bow in her to deal with them? Probably not, but it should open her up to builds, that use other assets in her hands.

Susumu · 221
Underworld Market

This is the best card ever printed. Every guardian who has ever run Prepared for the Worst on Stick to the Plan should immediately understand the significance of a side deck that can be stacked with weapons.

In a normal deck, you would hard mulligan for a weapon and forgo most economy cards, but with Underworld Market you can safely mulligan however you want. Let's say you choose to run 6 illicit weapons in a rogue deck, which could include any of (Chicago Typewriter, Beretta M1918 , Colt Vest Pocket, .41 Derringer, Switchblade, etc.). If you put all of them into your market deck and 0 into your main deck, the odds that you do not see a weapon in the first two turns are:

(4/10)x(3/9)x(2/8)x(1/7)x100% = 0.48%

In other words, without focusing on mulliganing at all you can reliably draw a weapon within the first two turns 99.5% of the time. Going a step further, if you choose to make 100% of your illicit deck cards weapons, you can guarantee a weapon draw in your opening hand.

Separately, combo decks that might work off of cards like Fence or Pickpocketing can now reliably be drawn within the first five turns of the game. This is incredible given that the Rogue class struggles a lot with card draw. Effectively you can run a deck that does not have to worry about its starting hand and can now solely mulligan for economy cards like Faustian Bargain, 21 or Bust, or...whatever the other Rogue cards are.

All of this is nice, but what takes this card from nice to incredible is the fact that both abilities on this card are reaction triggers, meaning that you do not have two reveal the top cards of your illicit deck if you don't want to. Let's say you know what the top two cards are and don't want to reveal them since it would change the order of cards in the illicit deck, well, since this is a reaction trigger, you can simply choose not to.

All in all, this card means that you can effectively guarantee that your primary card type is drawn (weapon, utility, Colt Vest Pocket, etc), while simultaneously allowing you to stack your deck in favor of important cards.

SorryLaurie · 94
Your maths doesn't do it justice. For 6 weapons the only situation where you don't see a weapon by turn 2 is 4/10 * 3/9 * 2/8 * 1/7 which is 1/504 or less than 0.2% — NarkasisBroon · 9
No, I messed up as well :-P 24/504 — NarkasisBroon · 9
Ahhh stupid enter... 24/5040 = 0.48%... for real this time. Final answer — NarkasisBroon · 9
Ah yep - thank you! — SorryLaurie · 94
That is detail but to be sure to see a gun on turn 1, you only need 9 guns since it shows 2 cards at once. Alternatively, that also helps tremendously with the « Lockpicks at the bottom » syndrom, since investigating rogues are even more relying on their (illicit) tools to function properly. — Valentin1331 · 15295
Mechanic's Wrench

Hola, me parece potente la carta pero tengo 2 consultas sobre la llave de mecanico: 1 ¿puedo usar la accion de combatir despues de agotarla? 2 ¿que significa "COMBATIR: Usa esta capacidad únicamente contra un Enemigo que te haya atacado desde el final de tu último turno"?, ¿es decir que puedo COMBATIR con la llave recién en la siguiente fase de investigadores después de que un enemigo me haya atacado??? Entiendo que al final del turno implicaria recibir un ataque en la fase de enemigos, mantenimiento y mitos, para que pueda combatir con la llave en mi siguiente turno. Por favor si me aclaran algunos escenarios de uso de esta accion. Gracias

Jargandona · 1
Hola, primero, por favor no utilices revisión de cartas en esta manera - hay mejores lugares (canales de reddit, discord etc.). Pero para contestar. 1. Sí puedes usar la llave agotada para la acción COMBATIR. Pero no la puedes usar para la primera (no la puedes agotar otra vez). 2. Lo puedes COMBATIR justo después de que te ataca (puede ser por la rápida acción de la llave), Si el enemigo te ataca en la fase de enemigos, lo puedes usar en tu próximo turno. Si el enemigo apereció en la fase de mito, no lo puedes combatir con la llave (o tienes que usar la acción rápida) para permitir el COMBATE. — Trady · 117
Book of Shadows

The card has been deemed (one of ) the worst card(s) in the game. I do feel why - using so many actions and resources to recharge spells is very poor and there are so many better ways to put extra charges on your asset.

With that being said, I have a feeling we're missing a good interaction here. Maybe due to the fact, cards are pretty old - Daisy can take it to poor endless charges into Archaic Glyphs, particularly the Guiding Stones version. Since it;s a free action, she can produce endless charges at ease. While it might've been a minor thing in the past - for 2p there hasn't been that many multi-clue locations, thing change a bit in the recent campaign as Antarctica contains a lot of 2p and more clue locations. Granted, they sort of slow down towards the end of the campaign, but even then a free deduction each turn feels quite nice. Not sure what the community says?

Eruantalon · 101
It's not a bad combo, but Winds of Power probably is just better for recharging your glyphs. Both are 1 XP, but Book of Shadows eat up your Tome actions (and a lot of resources), plus a hand slot and you have to spend an action playing it. Winds of Power has no such problems - you can draw it off of Old Book of Lore, play it without spending an action, and get 2 charges. If you do that twice you have 7 charges on Guiding Stones which is likely enough to win the scenario. It's just way more resource and action efficient - playing Book of Shadows and using it twice costs 5 resources, a play action, a hand slot, and two tome actions. Playing Winds of Power costs 2 resources and that's it, maybe an action if you drew it during upkeep instead of off of OBoL. It's so much more efficient. — Soul_Turtle · 88