Garrote Wire

Oh I get it! It takes up an accessory slot because it goes around the neck. I see what you did there FFG. Need 200 characters I'll just talk about my day until there. Started off sleepy but got coffee

jdk5143 · 1
Why does it take up my relic slot? I usually have other ppl „wear“ it. — Django · 3177
Smuggled Goods

This is an insane card. Tutor for 0 resource is obviously. Comes along well with Finn's other signature Finn's Trusty .38, which will often be your first target. Very soon, you are likely to search your deck for Lockpicks, maybe other/heavier weapons.

I really like to put it back in deck, delay your weakness(es), get a chance to use it again. Very versatile card, it can be used as a tutor, refill for weapons or Lockpicks, shuffle if you know that your weakness is on top, and even you had 0 Illicit card in your deck, still a ? Symbol -which will almost never happen cause of Finn's Trusty .38.

I like to play a heavy-drawer Finn and the ability to put this back in the deck is a good way to avoid reshuffling it. Helps me to: -Avoid the horror, sometimes a critical issue for Finn. -Bury my weaknesses. -Keep my discard pile for Scavenging By the way Caught Red-Handed can most of the time achieve the same purpose.

According to the wording, I guess that you can search your deck, even if you don't have an Illicit card in it and then put back Smuggled Goods in it. Can you though, search an empty deck ?

You dont affect weakness occurrence at all mathematically. You only shuffle this in your deck if you searched your deck, and if you’re using an action just to place a card in your deck (not taking a card from it with the search effect), then you’re making a very minimal impact on fattening your deck at the cost of an action, which is definitely not worth it. If you dont have anything to grab, just commit it. — StyxTBeuford · 11934
If you are instructed to "search" an empty deck, this has no impact on the game state. Additionally, a card effect cannot shuffle a single card into an empty player deck. And you aren't allowed to attempt an action that has no potential to impact the game state. So I don't think you could play it if your deck was empty and your discard pile had no Illicit cards. But, in the absence of "must", you are not compelled (when resolving a choice) to pick an option that can impact the game state, so I suppose if you did have an Illicit card in discard you would be allowed to play this and choose to search your empty deck instead. — Yenreb · 9
It's alright on it's own, but when you can avoid the action cost with Fence, it's a lot better. Fence is also illicit, so can be tutored by it. — Zinjanthropus · 155
Garrote Wire

Great item overall, but notably lacks the ability to finish off a foe you've spent your turn weakening. After looking through the windows for fast actions there's one before each of your actions during your turn, assuming I'm reading it right, but there isn't a window AFTER your last action.

Since the Garrote Wire can only be used during your turn, if you spend your entire turn chasing down a monster and manage to bring it down to one life, you can awkwardly have your turn end with a piano wire all ready to use and a nightgaunt all ready to be choked out without the opportunity to ever use it.

It still gets plenty of mileage for sure, but due to timing it has felt pretty awkward to use sometimes.

Vultureneck · 19
When you use your last action, the game still returns to the player window immediately preceding 2.2.1. Your turn only ends when you encounter 2.2.1 and *don't* take an action, or when a card effect says it does. — Thatwasademo · 32
In other words, there absolutely is a player window between your last action and the end of the turn, and "Framework Event Details" in Appendix II is pretty clear about this. — Thatwasademo · 32
"After an investigator takes an action, return to the previous player window. An investigator may end his or her turn early if there are no other actions he or she wishes to perform. If the investigator does not or cannot take an action, proceed to 2.2.2." — Thatwasademo · 32
What demo said. You can absolutely use this after your last action. — StyxTBeuford · 11934
Heh heh, I've used this in two campaigns and, I think, never noticed the "during your turn" restriction. Oops - I'm pretty sure I killed off many enemies in the enemy phase. — acotgreave · 43
Well am I glad to have that cleared up, the last two campaigns I've played we had it ruled where you couldn't play this or "Knowledge is Power" as your last action, it felt clunky and unnatural but as far as we could tell was the correct ruling. Thanks for clearing this up. — Vultureneck · 19
Gaze of Ouraxsh

I had 6 curses (no bless) in the bag today and I needed to do 2 damage to a dumb Witch. Pulled 0 curses, did 1 damage.

3/10 the lasting personal trauma outweighs the general favorability of this card.

Difrakt · 931
Given the Witching Hour bag, there is a roughly 5.5 % chance of pulling no curses in this situation. This isn't much more unlikely than drawing the autodial during a skill test in the same scenario (6.5 %). So this was definitely unlucky. The most likely outcome would have been two tokens (38.7 %). But well, one damage is still better than nothing. — PowLee · 9
Agreed. 5.5% is pretty low risk overall, and the potential outcomes were very favorable. It’s nice you still get 1 testless dmg no matter what. — StyxTBeuford · 11934
Chamber of Rain

I like very much this scenario, but ERRATA needed for true-solo mode.

ERRATA must adding "reveal Chamber of Sorrow".

Otherwise the scenario it's blocked and there's no way for a single true-solo player...

I was able to escape the Chamber of Rain in true solo mode by using “Dirge of Reason” Book Roland and hard-mulliganing for his signature card, Mysteries Remain, to add a clue to his location. However, I agree that the location or scenario needs an errata to make it winnable in true solo mode. — ArkhamInvestigator · 238
85 upvotes?? — MrGoldbee · 597