Purifying Corruption

Contrary to the other reviews here, I do think this card is quite good.

There are maybe ~18 rounds average on the doom clock in Arkham.

  • If your investigator has soak/healing (Tommy, Carolyn, etc) you can use it to straight cancel 2-3 of the worst treacheries you draw (~1/6th of your total in a game!), and transfer some more into random ones (using the 'remove corruption' option, depending on just how much soak/heal you have)
  • If your investigator doesn't have soak/healing, you can still use it to cancel 3 bad treacheries and take a random one later (in any fast action window!)
  • It makes you more resilient to unfortunate game states, and allows you to maximise your chances:
    • You pull something and have no skill cards in hand (wait until you have a hand, then draw one & heal)
    • You can choose to pull the 'instead' encounter card(s) when grouped up with the team so they can commit if necessary
  • You can effectively use it to transfer damage/horror between your investigator card and your allies
  • It can save your life — there'll be a fair few occasions when a treachery you draw will do worse than 1-1 to you
  • It can buy you extra rounds of the game, in scenarios where Ancient Evils and other 'add doom/can cause agenda to advance' effects are in the encounter deck
  • Calvin can use it to take damage/horror quickly and then heal a bit for a fast action when necessary (bonus: I believe the treachery you draw will be tested at your higher stats - i.e. before healing - because it's part of the cost)

TL;DR is bad encounter deck pulls at the wrong time is the easiest way to tank a scenario (possibly the only way for a lot of us), and something most investigators don't really have much say over... at least until now (neutral, asset with uses). Straight cancelling is super powerful if you can afford the cost here, and if not then transferring a bad treachery for a random one at a time of your choosing is also strong. It's expensive, but worth a look.

Vale of Pnath

When replaying Point of No Return, it is absolutely vital to have a plan for dealing with this location (unless you're fine with accepting R2/no resolution) -- it is a mandatory gate for advancing Act 2. Although there are tons of clues available in the other locations, you cannot actually flip Vale of Pnath unless there are specifically no clues on IT, and hitting Shroud 4 without committing or playing cards can leave even dedicated clue-getters subject to the whims of a small number of tokens in the bag unless you can rely on multiple static boosts and/or triggered abilities. For many solo investigators it will be flat-out impossible unless specifically built-around.

(FWIW, in my personal games, I house-rule that Vale of Pnath's veiled ability can be triggered as if there were no clues remaining on it if the investigators have "surveyed the vale" -- with flipping Crag of the Ghouls or Peaks of Thok leading to remembering that the investigators have "surveyed the vale." I think that offers a more varied way for investigators to contribute to advancing the act.)

anaphysik · 25
This isn't actually that difficult? You just need some static boosts or action-to-investigate assets in play ahead of time, which is most investigators' plan anyway because it saves cards and resources — Thatwasademo · 36
Oh, I guess if you're playing on hard/expert +2 isn't a reasonable margin anymore, and that's the figure I was saying was easy to hit, so nevermind. — Thatwasademo · 36
Except that most of the time you are aiming to sit at ~5 Int in play to default to that +2 margin against Difficulty 3 or lower tests with commits to boost up for the occasional 4+ Difficulty investigations. The big issue is that this is a mechanic that will throttle certain builds in a choke-point location which is just bad design. — Death by Chocolate · 742
You can also use any of the various "discover a clue at a connecting location" cards (e.g. Sixth Sense, "Look What I Found! (2)", Seeking Answers) — LivefromBenefitSt · 626
Burial Ground

It's a nice touch that the Ghouls in A Thousand Shapes of Horror spawn in the graveyard. Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath makes it pretty clear that the "ghouls of the waking world" actually live in the Underworld, and simply cross over from the Dreamlands to feast in waking-world graveyards. So the Ghouls are only here due to random proximity to the Underworld entrance, because they're coming up from the Dreamlands' Underworld for their snack time, unrelated to the Unnamable itself.

Similar to the Web of Dreams overarching story, I suspect that what happens to your house in The Gathering is also probably a Dreamlands/Underworld-merging-with-the-waking-world thing, even if it's never explained in Night of the Zealot.

(Mechanically, it's also a way to make area-of-effect damage more relevant beyond just the swarming mechanic (in fact, probably more so, since most swarms are more easily dealt with via normal attacks/evades).)

anaphysik · 25
It's fun to jump over with Track Shoes.... — LivefromBenefitSt · 626
Wendy's Amulet

It's interesting to see how my perspective on this card has changed through the years.

Four years ago, when this game is new, I consider this card's main ability to be 'You may play the topmost event in your discard pile as if it were in your hand'. So your game style is to play some events at the first half of the game and get to reuse them later. And the forced ability below is the annoying but necessary limitation to stop you reuse your best events unlimitedly. Once this card enters play, you can't reuse your events in play anymore, but you can still commit them or discard them as cost before using them. As you can see from the old reviews, you generally want to play Wendy's Amulet only after you have played a couple of very powerful event cards, and then play them off the top of your discard pile.

Also, abandoned and alone was considered to be a very terrible weakness. If you draw it at the wrong time, your amulet seems to be totally useless.

Now, with so many new cards added, it comes to me that the amulet's strongest power lies in the forced ability. It allows you to adjust your deck as you wish, to create a crazy, thin deck that allows you to do anything, consistently, predictably. Players get so many new ways to generate money and card draws. Wendy don't play strong events before amulet enters play and reuse them later anymore. She just play those events after the amulet is out, put it on the bottom of the deck, and re-draw them very soon with DT, take heart, unrelenting, and other powerful engine cards. You always get 4 clues with one action. You always deal 3 damage with one action. You always fly to any enemy-free location with no action. You never draw chaos tokens. Why bother playing events from your discard pile if you can draw those strongest ones whenever you want?

Meanwhile, abandoned and alone is kinda harmless now. It still hits you 2 sanity and removes your discard pile, but that's almost a once per game weakness now. Wendy is the only investigator being able to draw a lot of cards every round but don't draw weakness repeatedly. When you are playing well, your discard deck only consists of cards not that important to you. All your important tricks should be circulating between your hand and your deck safely.

The amulet is too strong that makes playing Wendy a little awkward now. If you decide to build around it, it feels like abusing bugs and breaking the game. If you don't build around the amulet, then the abandoned and alone will make it difficult to play as other survivors, as drawing it multiple times is still unacceptable.

TL;DR: The forced ability is far more important now. Fill your deck with efficient OP events ONLY and you'll be the queen of the Arkham.

Tzolkin1065 · 124
Of course, don't go back to Dunwich, Cultists there hate well-scripted deck and will disturb it by all means. Unless you are filled with DETERMINATION and plans to erase their entire existence with A watchful peace. — Tzolkin1065 · 124
Omg... I had never considered Wendy using a watchful peace... And I thought Silas was too good with it :-P — NarkasisBroon · 1

Finally, gets 2-drawing skill card. When starter pack released, unlike other factions, has Unexpected Courage and cannot gain 2-drawing skill card. Unrelenting has that role in . You can draw cards even if you fails, and you can recycle this card by Resourceful, Try and Try Again, Silas Marsh, Butterfly Effect. Also, for urgent test, you could seal terrible tokens such as -5, , ; but, be careful. it's more likely to draw .

This card seems good, but has one big problem. Whenever you commit this, you have to find three tokens in token bag and seal on this. That is really really annoying work. But, don't worry. Here is a trick. If you select all tokens of one type, you don't need to find and you can just ignore selected type of tokens. (+1, 0, 0 for standard NotZ)

elkeinkrad · 111
Can I introduce you to our lord and saviour Take Heart? — NarkasisBroon · 1
The token part of this card is actually amazing as it allows you to more easily force a failure for all sorts of Survivor shenanigans. — StyxTBeuford · 12435
@NarkasisBroon I upload survivor fail combo deck, check here: https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/30480 — elkeinkrad · 111