Spoilers for "The Circle Undone" campaign

Tony leaned against the Church door, breathing heavy. The wailing dead filled the air, pouring in and out of the fractured sky as reality itself buckled under the weight of the Silver Twilight Lodge's hubris.

"I am so tired," the bounty hunter whispered, feeling the culminated trauma of the last week's events spill over his body.

"Tony Morgan." Carl Sanford walked down the road, the unhallowed spirits parting from the old man's path. "I had such faith in you, lad. You could have been one of the greatest Knights in the Lodge's history. An exemplar in our moment of triumph! Instead, you are an ant..." he inhaled and reality flexed around him. "... where I have become a god."

Tony forced himself to his feet. "It was a pretty good plan, Carl. But you forgot one thing."

"And what is that?"

With the speed he had built his entire reputation around, Tony pulled Lupara from his coat. Sanford barely had time to register the weapon before she sang her violent song twice. The old man fell to the ground, screaming as he clutched at his bloody legs.

Tony blew smoke out of Lupara's twin barrels. "Gods don't have kneecaps."

10/10 would kill endgame boss in one turn again.

bluewax · 117
My favorite Sleight of Hand target. — StyxTBeuford · 12435

This is a solid little card for healing horror. Yes, it only heals one horror, it won’t have a big impact on the game, but healing one horror for only one card is very efficient. Not every card in your deck can be a powerful card that costs actions and resources, you need some cheap ones too. The one Will icon may not look like much, but the point of this card is that it does something that normally costs significant resources (healing), and does it with very little cost – few other cards are as efficient as spending 1 card, 0 actions, 0 resources, and 0 xp, per point of healing.

This is by no means a card you must include in your deck. It is simply a solid option to consider if you decide that your character needs a little bit of horror healing.

Usually you can hold off on using Fearless until you get a test where multiple chaos tokens would become successes with the +1, making the test likely to pass, and gaining a noticeable benefit from the skill icon on top of the horror healing.

ChristopherA · 50
I still think, the horror heal is too low impact in most investigators, that can take this card. Agnes sure likes it, maybe Carolyn and Zoey, due to her comparably low sanity. Though I think, there are better options for both of them. If the level 0 version would offer 2 willpower pips, it would sure see more play in my decks. The upgrade is much better, in particular once you have "Shrivelling" (5), but even that is somewhat outclassed by "Deny Existence" (5). I think, both versions of "Fearless" are fine cards, that frequently found play when the card pool was smaller, but have a harder time getting their deck space nowadays. — Susumu · 127
IMO this is an auto-include in any deck running 1 or 2 copies of Arcane Research, especially if Agnes is taking those. It's a great low-"cost" card (as ChristopherA explained) when you start a campaign with 2 Mental Trauma knowing that you're likely to pick up more. — DrMChristopher · 20

The usual mook from the early campaigns, Arkham Horror gets a lot of milage out of this enemy.

A few things;

  • If you draw them as an encounter and cannot place them in an empty location, you discard them! (e.g if 2 investigators are in the only 2 locations on the board then there is no valid location).
  • "Note that Acolyte can be spawned into the unrevealed location" (thanks elkeinkrad, posting this here as very important!)
  • If it is the witching hour (next turn agenda will advance) then you can ignore them, as the doom they add will be removed on advance.
  • These Cultists are never alone! So expect encounter cards that add doom to them or manipulate the board state around them. Games can very quickly spiral out of control if you leave them in play.

Don't let them trick you into ignoring them as they seem so simple to kill! Deal with them sooner rather than later - they have a habit of spawning all over the map in previously explored spots that take a whole turn to backtrack to (which feels terrible and stalls your game).

Also there is something about these guys that makes them a magnet for drawing Ancient Evils the next turn!

An absolute classic.

Antiundead · 18
Note that Acolyte can be spawned into the **unrevealed** location. I saw that some beginners missed that rule, so that they discarded only if all revealed locations are non-empty. — elkeinkrad · 111
An absolute classic. — Soul_Turtle · 1
I'm typically very happy to see these because they're easy to dispose of in 1 action, and in fact there are tons of options for disposing of them in 0 actions. And the fact that you often have control over where to place them is a great advantage. That said, there are scenarios that make these threatening, typically when combined with high Doom pressure, Ancient Evils, and a map design that causes them to spawn in hard-to-reach locations (e.g. Essex County Express). — CaiusDrewart · 2384
I both love and hate the Dark Cult encounter set. The set is well designed and super thematic, but can snowball in a hurry if you draw multiple from the set back to back. More than once I've let advancement eat the Doom token on Acolyte only to then draw Mysterious Chanting and dump 2 more Doom back on it. The Cultist Token from the chaos bag but be a kick in the head too when combined with cultists in play. In Midnight Masks for example: [Easy/Standard] -2. Place 1 Doom on the nearest Cultist enemy. [Hard/Expert] -2. Place 1 Doom on each Cultist enemy in play. Good (bad!) stuff — DrMChristopher · 20
Agreed Essex County Express is a hilarious example of these mooks getting out of control. I've heard of too many game just ending after 2 turns due to very bad doom luck. — Antiundead · 18

This card really pulls its weight in Innsmouth. With so many hunter monsters in most scenarios, and damage or horror hits on engagement with a lot of them, this can shepherd those suckers away from players with good regularity.

Didn't get to try it in "Horror in High Gear" yet; sending pursuing cars the Long Way Around while you're scooting directly to the Lighthouse is a pretty hilarious image.

Krysmopompas · 167
Fun with teleports! — MrGoldbee · 1046
This is a great thought. I had completely forgotten about this card (and quite reasonably so, honestly), but it absolutely would be a lot better in Innsmouth. — CaiusDrewart · 2384
Tommy Muldoon

Don't write many reviews, but wanted to chime in on this one. IMO, Tommy Muldoon is a powerful investigator who isn't very fun to play, and I don't recommend him. The combination of Guardian and Survivor cards is pretty good (Yorick thinks so too), but he has a few problems that I think make him unenjoyable, specifically because I think he fails to fulfill his "power fantasy" (the thing you pick him and picture yourself doing/having fun with).

  1. The gun - You might think you want to build around Becky, but I don't think you do. It takes both hands so you're always using ammo for even the simplest enemies, and you don't REALLY want to reload her with your ability too much because you'll need that money to pay for your Allies. Which presumably is what you're playing Tommy for. It's also simply not worth the work for the just okay payoff, and cards you include to buff the weapon may not have enough other attractive targets. I'll get to that later.

  2. Rookie Mistake - in my opinion, this weakness is both punishing, and more importantly too directly interferes with Tommy being "fun". It is possible to play in such a way that the weakness doesn't affect you much, maybe discarding a Cherished Keepsake rather than your entire board, but until you can trigger your weakness you have to play sort of weird to prevent it from blowing up 13 resources worth of allies (which simultaneously makes your Charisma useless until you refill those slots). I'll probably get hate that it's "not that hard to avoid", and I actually agree if you play a certain way. But that's not the way you wanted to play when you picked Tommy. You might play an entire scenario without having your expensive assets tank for you - but then why Tommy? Special note that Rookie Mistake is particularly punishing for Beat Cop (2), Jessica Hyde, Agency Backup, and The Black Cat, because they take damage and/or horror to do their thing. All in all, I think this is a Weakness that you play around until you draw, and the way you play around is directly disruptive to the thing you want to have fun doing. If you don't play around it, it might undo 20 XP and 14 actions at once between resources lost and card plays. I think it was justified as being needed because Tommy can be very strong, but it kinda ruined it for me.

  3. The experience problem - There isn't enough experience in the world for Tommy to get what he wants. This is true for all investigators, but it's true to the point of dissatisfaction with Tommy. Stick to the Plan is as good on Tommy as any Guardian, and possibly better as he leverages that first turn Ever Vigilant very well. Unless you plan to only discard Mr. Pawterson, you probably want a couple copies of Charisma. The most exciting Allies you can fit in are things like Agency Backup, The Black Cat, and The Red-Gloved Man, but they're five each, and that doesn't include the Beat Cop (2) that you probably want. Even with all those things, you still don't have a weapon that costs experience (as I mentioned before), or other general utility cards that your classes can play. Trying to improve Becky is more experience. This gets worse if you try to add Drawing Thin in a post Taboo list world.

Tommy is a powerful investigator, and if you lean in to his Guardian and Survivor roots, you'll do fine to great for yourself. I expect comments on my review to say as much. But he didn't really deliver what I was hoping for, and I suspect others feel the same.

LastWalter · 21
I’m not the biggest Tommy fan, but the latest cycle makes him for my money the absolute best user of Bless cards. — StyxTBeuford · 12435
I played TIC With Daisy and Safina, I don’t think we drew rookie mistake once. We didn’t even see it that often, and when we did, it was because scroll of secrets was tossing it into the discard pile. And even the longest games, he didn’t reshuffle his discard. — MrGoldbee · 1046
Guard dog (2) Is a very cheap ally, shuffling into your deck, getting damage, getting enemies off your allies, and filling your gun. With trust it, it pays for itself easily. So you don’t need agency backup if your teammates are picking up all the clues. Cat is amazing though. — MrGoldbee · 1046
I just played him in Dreameaters and I think he is quite strong. I didn't find him much fun to play though. I didn't find the defeat your asset and gain bullets interesting. I would have to take an app just to reload Becky. I also got caught in a loop somehow where Rookie Mistake was getting constantly reshuffled and I wasn't able play any soak assets. As — TWWaterfalls · 729
I made a Tommy deck with the Spirit of Humanity/Spiritual Resolve combo and I had way more fun than I expected, couple that with the upcoming The Star tarot in RtTCU, and you have infinite ammo and resources forever. Also, a rarity to Tommy decks, I loaded it with card draw just to sacrifice 1 copy of Spiritual Resolve to Rookie Mistake and get the cards I needed. Twas a very fun bless generating/monster-killing deck. — toastsushi · 62
Tommy is a lot of fun to play or partner with, but do not take him to Dunwich. The milling effects and cards dealing direct damage make him a misery to play. — LivefromBenefitSt · 626
I wouldn't take him in Innsmouth either. Avoiding spoilers though. — LastWalter · 21