Well Prepared

You know which one is the MOST AWESOME card to be Well Prepared? The Necronomicon! With 5 icon, there will be almost nothing you can`t seek.

And you know who can take both of the two cards? Joe Diamond, the one and only! Seeker cardslevel 0-5 only makes him a NORMAL seeker, but plus guardian cardslevel 0-2? That would makes him a real DIAMOND!

The Necronomicon will not only be Well Prepared, but also Well-Maintained! It means he will be the only one, of course with enough resources, who can make The Necronomicon recyclable, I mean, FOREVER. And if you are crazy enough? Just also bring Pnakotic Manuscripts and Archaic Glyphs, and TWO Well Prepared! You know what I mean, right? One time a place, no fuss no muss~

Alex-Ice-9 · 16
Minh can play the Necronomicon from the discard pile with Scavenging. And all seekers who can access the Necronomicon can return it to hand with Library Docent. But well prepared Joe "The Book" Diamond as someone named the deck is pretty hilarious — NarkasisBroon · 1
That’s true, but Minh can use the Scavenging like twice with conditions? While all other seekers with Library Docent only once, but Joe can use well-maintained to take the Necronomicom(actually he doesn’t really need to take the Necronomicon back since he doesn’t need to use the secrets on it)/Pnakotic Manuscript/Archaic Glyphs back to hand like a million times. — Alex-Ice-9 · 16
Not sure I understand your points. Scavenging can be used to recurse an item every turn once played? Whereas well maintained only returns the Necronomicon to your hand once. Well maintained itself gets discarded when that happens. And well maintained only works on items, so it can't recurse Archaic Glyphs (3) at all because it's only a spell. — NarkasisBroon · 1
Not personal, but I think you should check well-maintained and scavenging once more. Well-maintained is a fast card with 0 resource cost and after the item attached it get discarded, the item and each upgrade attach to it can be taken back to it’s owner’s hand, while you must use an action play scavenging with 1 resource cost and you can only things back after your investigate successes by 2. — Alex-Ice-9 · 16
Well-Maintained does not return itself, only other upgrades. — OrionJA · 1
Indeed. Well maintained does not return itself, only other upgrades, and yeah you have to play scavenging with an action, but then you can return an item every round as long as you are a reasonably capable investigator. Like Minh. — NarkasisBroon · 1
Rex can also play Scavenging and will be aiming to succeed an investigation by 2 once per round (or every time if non-taboo) anyways. — Death by Chocolate · 742
Rabbit's Foot

TLDR; This card is great a mitigating failure, which is going to happen (especially on harder difficulties).

Any effect that lets you "dig" for cards is a great include, and this version of Rabbit's Foot really shines on harder difficulties, acting as a catch-up card. Playing on Hard or Expert really teaches you to "pick your battles" when it comes to skill tests. Failing happens, and If I'm playing Hard and am already 3 down on a test with only 3 icons to commit, I'll save my cards for a future "battle" instead of hoping for that 0 or Elder Sign from the chaos bag. The only exception to this IMO is a Treachery with a "...for each point you failed by" effect.

This Rabbit's Foot mitigates the failure by allowing you to find the best card from the top X of your deck. It need not be the best card in your deck, but anything is better than that weakness that always seems to be lurking right on top after an especially painful failure.

I also like that this is a 3XP card. It's made for Survivors and can't be splashed into non-Survivor decks like its Level 0 counterpart (which is a decent splash card for any who can take it because, again, failure happens).

Wendy Adams is the only Survivor with direct competition for the Accessory slot (at least with a signature card), but the class has so much recursion that I might only use her Amulet for the icons anyway, especially on harder difficulty.

I'd probably prioritize Police Badge with William Yorick, but it's meant to be discarded (and recurred) anyway, so there's no reason to not sleeve Rabbit's Foot as well.

Silas Marsh likes this card because you can commit a Skill card and if you're going to fail anyway after drawing the Chaos Token, just use his Reaction to pop the Skill back to your hand and dig a little deeper into your deck for another card.

Expect to fail some tests with Calvin Wright until you get him going, and this card will help him get going. You want Calvin to "ride the line" with Damage and Horror, so this is an especially good Accessory to replace Cherished Keepsake when it has 3 Horror on it so you don't have to exile it, or dig for something to replace Leather Coat for the same reason.

This card obviously is amazing with Stella Clark and her Reaction.

"Ashcan" Pete will like this card to dig for a card he doesn't mind discarding to ready Duke: A Glimmer of Hope, Improvised Weapon, Impromptu Barrier, Winging It, etc., if you're playing them, or something like Resourceful or Scrounge for Supplies to get something back.

Rita Young might like this with her 2 Intellect.

=== EDIT ===

Patrice Hathaway doesn't really need this card, as she is always going to have a hand full of cards to throw at a test. (Thanks StyxTBeuford for pointing that out!)

Lola Hayes can also play this card and, while she would benefit from it, it's not going to trigger for her as often as it will for others when she finds herself in a non-Survivor role.

This card is great a mitigating failure, which is going to happen (especially on harder difficulties).

I actually disagree that Patrice likes this at all. 1. She draws 5 cards a turn, and often barely has the actions to commit them all so any “draw card” effect with her is usually very wasteful. 2. Her stats are deceptive, she actually rarely fails because she commits so hard. Finally she 3. has access to Rosary and Moonstone, which fit much better with her Mystic access. — StyxTBeuford · 12435
I would instead mention that this card makes great sense with Preston Fairmont, as you expect to fail Mythos tests with him — StyxTBeuford · 12435
@StyxTBeuford you're absolutely correct about Rita, and I'll edit to review to reflect that. Of course she's always going to have a handful of cards to commit! — DrMChristopher · 20
@StyxTBeuford (I hit enter prematurely)... But Preston can't take this version, although take Rabbit's Foot (0), which would be very good for him. I also forgot about Lola who CAN take Rabbit's Foot (3). I think she would like it in her deck, but she's not going to get as much work out of it as other if she's not in the Survivor role. I will admit, though, that I'm not good enough yet to build OR pilot Lola, so I can't say for sure. — DrMChristopher · 20
Harmony Restored

Does that mean that if there are more tokens than tokens, you wouldn't be able to play it?
Since you can't search the bag for X tokens with X being greater than the total number of tokens?
Total tokens in bag = 4
Total tokens in bag = 3
X = 4

Can't search for 4 tokens since there are only 3 in the bag - does this mean that you'd not be able to play Harmony Restored?

Is there an official ruling on this? or am I completely reading it wrong to begin with?

unremb · 188
I believe there's a general rule about completing as much of an effect as possible, like when you still lose resources if something says "lose three resources" but you only have two. That's how I'd play it. — SGPrometheus · 514
Right, because the removal is an effect rather than a cost, you don't need to be able to carry it out in full, provided you can carry out enough of it to alter the game state. "When a non-targeting effect attempts to interact with a number of entities (such as "draw 3 cards" or "search the top 5 cards of your deck") that exceeds the number of entities that currently exist in the specified game area, the effect interacts with as many entities as possible." — Tamsk · 1
Good point! I had not thought of this, thanks for the clarification. — unremb · 188
This also happens to be why the last sentence is phrased the way it is, rather than "Gain X resources". It's possible you don't remove X curses and they wanted you to only gain as many resources as curses you actually removed. — Thatwasademo · 36
@ Thatwasademo: Not sure on this reasoning. There might be possible interactions with other or future cards, that potentially could remove additional Curse tokens while resolving this card. They might as well just want to make sure, that you don't get extra cash for them in that case. But regardless, SGPrometheus and Tamsk said it all. — Susumu · 127
No, the wording is most assuredly to account for the entirely likely situation where there are more Bless tokens than Curse tokens in the bag. Example: there are 5 Bless and 3 Curse tokens. This X=5 and you try to find and remove 5 tokens. You remove as many as you can but it is only 3, so you gain 3 resources. — Death by Chocolate · 742

After a campaign with this in Winnifred I think the card can be a pretty nice addition to a Taboo'd Rogue deck in 3-4 player games assuming you're going to be doing evading with any amount of frequency. Extra actions with low cost are always worth considering, and in the right situation this can save you up to 3 for just the cost of committing a card to a test. While you don't get free reign on what those actions are spent on, move actions are fairly commonplace and if you have this card in your hand for a full scenario there's definitely going to be some situations where it'll do its baseline effect and save you one move action that you were going to spend after evading. In those situations I'd argue that this card is already pretty good. And there'll be some situations where it'll save you 2 or 3 actions, in which case this card is incredible.

Now the effect isn't universally great and there'll be some situations where it'll spend half the scenario sitting in your hand before you get value out of it. As such, I think this is a card I would generally not run more than 1 copy of because drawing 2 when you really don't need the effect can slow you down a bit. But if you're someone who expects to be testing Agility a lot and especially if you're playing with 3-4 players where being able to move to an ally's location has a lot of value, I think you should try running a copy.

Also just want to say that while Quick Thinking is going to generally be better than Nimble, it's one of the best Rouge cards in the game and you're only allowed to run 2 copies of each card. I think there's a lot of decks that are interested in a more situational Quick Thinking-type effect to run in addition to the two copies of Quick Thinking they already have.

Sylvee · 62
I had a nice situation recently, where I was adjacent to the guardian on one location and the wizard of the order on another one. I was able to evade an enemy on my location, succeded by three, and dragged the wizard to the guardian. Now this was very situational great. But in general, I think the possibility to move through enemies and take them somewhere else without AoO can occasionally add extra value to this card. In particular, if you have somebody in the group with cards like "Flamethrower" or "Storm of Spirits". — Susumu · 127
Use it in Mythos in TIC! — MrGoldbee · 1046
A common misconception is that this card only works on evades. It works on any agility test, even in the Mythos phase. I am a huge fan of Nimble. — StyxTBeuford · 12435
(And to be clear: There are cards, like Pilfer and Backstab, that let you test agility in other ways as well) — StyxTBeuford · 12435
This is one of the reasons I liked Sharpshooter in Wini when I played it -- it's really fun to exhaust Sharpshooter and commit Nimble (and probably another card) for (at least) +3 to a fight action then get some free moves immediately afterward. — Thatwasademo · 36
If you are Silas, Wendy, or Preston, or even Ashcan or Jenny, it also works on track show's agility test, which makes for sprinting across the whole map very quickly — NarkasisBroon · 1
Finn can do that as well — StyxTBeuford · 12435
Telescopic Sight

In case if you're wondering "Which firearms this can be used with?" — here's a link to handy list.

It's funny to think about Jenny's Twins or Joe's colts with a telescopic sight...

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Handguns with sighs are possible but signature can’t change player, so that’ll never happen — Django · 3498
It can certainly be made to happen with You Owe Me One! — suika · 7598
@ suika: the example in the RR is with Roland's gun and "Teamwork", but this certainly also aplies to "You Owe Me One!" An investigator cannot control another investigator's signature cards. — Susumu · 127
I see, Jenny of course could potentially "You Owe me the Telescopic Sight" on her gun. — Susumu · 127
@Susumu and so could Joe using Versatile to include “You Owe Me One!” — Death by Chocolate · 742