Rita Young



Volontà: 3. Intelletto: 2. Scontro: 3. Agilità: 5.
Salute: 9. Sanità Mentale: 5.

Dopo che hai eluso un nemico: Puoi scegliere se infliggere 1 danno a quel nemico oppure muoverti fino a un luogo collegato al tuo. (Limite di una volta per round.)

Effetto di : +2. Fino alla fine del round, ignora il limite della capacità soprastante.

"Cerchi la rissa? A me sta bene. Non ho bisogno del tuo permesso per lasciarti a mordere la polvere."
Tony Foti
The Circle Undone #5.
Rita Young

Rita Young - Retro


Dimensione del Mazzo: 30 carte.

Opzioni del Mazzo: Carte Sopravvissuto () di livello 0-5; carte neutrali di livello 0-5; carte Trucchetto di livello 0-3.

Requisiti del Mazzo (non considerati nella dimensione del mazzo): "Ho Deciso di Non Fuggire!", Incappucciati, 1 debolezza base casuale.

I cronometri non mentono. In passato la gente ha detto molte cose brutte a Rita, minacciandola e bollandola come inferiore, ma da quando ha iniziato a correre da professionista a lei importa solo del cronometro... e il cronometro dice che è più veloce di tutti gli altri. Dice che è più forte e che si è allenata duramente. Ora forse dovrà lottare per sopravvivere: qualcuno le dà la caccia, di questo è sicura. Non ha idea di chi siano o del perché la cerchino, ma si sono viste alcune strane figure nei pressi del suo dormitorio: vogliono fare di lei un esempio... ma prima dovranno prenderla, e il cronometro dice che è impossibile.

I think Rita Young is a very good pick in a multiplayer group, particularly at 3-4 player counts, where each investigator is given a role, therefore not having to deal with picking up clues, which is one of her weak points, so she can focus on dealing with enemies. Her abilities and card pool offer a wide variety of options on how she can be built and make for a solid investigator in any group. The first fighting tool one can have in mind for her is Ornate Bow, but even though she has the highest base Agility in the game, I'm not sure it is quite as good for her as it is for other investigators with high Agility. The reason is that she doesn't have access to cards that support the Bow like other investigators do. She doesn't have access to Leo De Luca, Venturer, or Narrow Escape, cards that make reloading the Bow less painful. She does have an inbuilt deal-1-damage mechanic though, which helps a lot with the Bow, but, still, I'm not convinced it's quite that good. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's bad for her; I'm just saying it's better for other investigators than it is for Rita.

Alternatively, in multiplayer context always, she can play Baseball Bat , a decent card for her, which allows her to fight with a base combat of 5, which is decent in most cases and, with the help of her special ability, deal with 1-or-3-health enemies easily. She won't be always fighting anyways. She can use her skills to leave enemies in the dust and zip across the board to help where it is necessary. She can also use Resourceful as breakage insurance, Cheap Shot and Stunning Blow as an alternative way to deal 2 damage in one action, or Gravedigger's Shovel as a back-up weapon. She can even nab a clue with it!

With enough experience, Rita can become a monster. She can use Old Hunting Rifle, a card which Rita is the best-suited investigator to use in my opinion, because she has alternatives in case it jams, and it becomes even better if she can pull it out with Sleight of Hand. She can combine Baseball Bat or Old Hunting Rifle with Will to Survive in order to unleash heavy loads of damage in a single turn, not to mention that she can also use Ace in the Hole. Ace in the Hole + Will to Survive, the ultimate combo!! It has only been available for Lola Hayes so far!! When Ace in the Hole and Will to Survive are combined with cards like Baseball Bat and Old Hunting Rifle, some serious damage output can be dished out in a single turn, allowing elimination of hoards of enemies or big bosses!! Consider this: Rita Young is engaged with a 15-health boss and she has a Baseball Bat in play. She plays Will to Survive and Ace in the Hole. She attacks 3 times with Baseball Bat, then she plays Sleight of Hand to put an Old Hunting Rifle in play, attacks 3 times with the Rifle and plays Resourceful to get the discarded Baseball Bat back into her hand. The result?? The boss is dead and Rita has both Baseball Bat and Old Hunting Rifle in her hand, allowing her to use them again in future turns. Well, that is best-case scenario of course, and requires having the right cards in hand, but I gave this example trying to showcase Rita's ultimate power with the right cards, when the stars align.

So, why use Ornate Bow, when you can make use of such powerful card combinations?? Ornate Bow is still good, but if I'm given the chance to play Rita Young in multiplayer, I'd rather go shooter style with Will to Survive and Ace in the Hole!!

matt88 · 981
In our 4 player multiplayer group, Rita has been good for flitting around, taking care of small health minions or dealing that last damage onto the enemy. I do disagree about the Ornate Bow statement: i think it's fantastic for her, because it deals 3 damage to an enemy that then is either dead, needs that one more damage to kill, or should be shuffled onto the guardian. She can also evade that enemy just to reload and shoot the bow. Or just fricken one shot the Hoods, so that it doesn't need to be engaged off of her. — CecilAlucardX · 2
I say both. 2 of each weapon to make her do the enemy handler role excellently — Tsuruki23 · 861