Trick. Illicit.

Costi: 0.


Parley. Choose an enemy at your location and test (0). For each point you succeed by, gain 1 resource (to a maximum of 6). If you fail, that enemy attacks you.

"Look! A dumb bird!"
"I don't see a bird."
"I do."
Rob Laskey
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #71.


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At level 0, Grift is an incredible option for many rogues. tests are what the class favors, so many rogues will be able to succeed the test presented by the card by at least 6 if they so choose. Grift also has the trait Trick, and can therefore be supported by cards like Chuck Fergus and made fast. This is also an extremely easy skill test, with only the auto-fail token causing failure in most scenarios. This presents an excellent window to utilize cards such as Manual Dexterity or Quick Thinking for additional card draw or actions.

Also, being a parley action, playing Grift doesn't cause attacks of opportunity, as an additional benefit. It's main competitor is Faustian Bargain, which does not require an enemy to be at your location, the notable drawback to Grift, and allows you to share resources with your fellow investigators to help out your team! After experimentally running both, I would suggest running one copy of Grift in most rogue decks alongside a copy or two of Faustian to see which will be better for any individual campaign or team composition! After all, you probably have access to Adaptable. You can always make the switch later!

Nightfuego · 42
if you have the deck space this plus double or nothing feels like a great combo. — Penwing · 1
This is also great to oversucceed with - even with riskier cards like Opportunist (0). — GrimJello · 1
You can even use Fence AND Chuck Fergus (2). — AlderSign · 226