Lola Hayes



Volontà: 3. Intelletto: 3. Scontro: 3. Agilità: 3.
Salute: 6. Sanità Mentale: 6.

Obbligo - Dopo che hai pescato la tua mano di partenza: Scegli un ruolo (, , , , , or Neutral).

Puoi solo giocare, investire o innescare le capacità relative alle carte neutrali o a quelle del tuo ruolo.

: Cambia il tuo ruolo. (Limite di una volta per round.)

Effetto di : +2. Puoi cambiare il tuo ruolo.

Forse questo sarà il suo grande ritorno in scena.
Magali Villeneuve
La Strada per Carcosa #6.
Lola Hayes

Lola Hayes - Retro


Dimensione del Mazzo: 35 carte.

Opzioni del Mazzo: Carte Sopravvissuto, Guardiano, Studioso, Canaglia e Mistico (, , , , and ) di livello 0-3; Carte neutrali di livello 0-5.

Requisiti del Mazzo (non considerati nella dimensione del mazzo): 2 copie di Improvvisazione, 2 copie di Crisi d'Identità, 1 debolezza base causale.

Requisiti Aggiuntivi: Il tuo mazzo deve includere 7 o più carte da ognuna di 3 classi diverse (, , , , or ).

Lola si è esibita nei teatri del mondo intero ottenendo il tutto esaurito in ogni spettacolo, ma nessuna rappresentazione si è mai rivelata tanto strana o inquietante quanto Il Re in Giallo; anche durante le prove, quella recita non faceva altro che provocare calamità e momenti di terrore. Quando la sua coprotagonista, Miriam, fu rinvenuta senza vita nelle acque della Senna, Lola decise che ne aveva abbastanza e scrisse una lettera all'impresario, annunciando che la sua prossima interpretazione sarebbe stata l'ultima. Ora è diretta ad Arkham per un ultimo spettacolo e spera di potersi finalmente sbarazzare di questa orrenda rappresentazione.
Lola Hayes

Get Your Lola runnin’

Break her out of Broadway!

Looking for adventure

And a masked man from our play.


Yeah, Lola's gonna make it happen

Take all of Arkham in a love embrace

Play all the factions all at once

And, transcend time and space!


Whoa, those roles look frightening

They really make me wonder

What if theyre restrictive

That’s some pressure i`ll be under!


Lola, we’re gonna make it happen

Take bits of Arkham in a love embrace

Play those factions but sort of one at a time then

And, transcend time and space!


She’s a true nature's child

She was born, born to be wild

She can climb so high

You’ve just got to try


Born to be wild

Born to be wild


Got my Lola runnin’

Broke her out of Broadway!

Was set up for adventure

Then she threw it all away!


Hey Lola, why`d make that happen?

What happened to our “love embrace”

We had loads of cool stuff in play at once,

Then, you threw it back in my face


Like a true nature's child

She was born, born way too wild

She could climb so high

But now im gonna cry.


Born a bit too wild

Born a bit too wild

StartWithTheName · 23809

Lola seems well geared for solo play, being able to change modes as the phases of the game call for different skill sets. Switching from seeker to Mystic and then your personal choice for “spice”. Survivor have good skill check events and the Rogue disengage options can be a lifesaver.

Pete Sylvestre and Darío El Amin with Charisma seem like great choices for buffing the stats that matter most. Agility and Willpower are save stats so being able to double down on willpower for spells and saves is efficient. Also, passive buffs are huge for Lola. And board state that doesn’t require switching to activate is best. I’d recommend taking Rogue as class number three for Lone Wolf too.

Did you try solo? I tried it and it was very disappointing. The switching mechanism is a huge drawback and forces neutral cards, with one core set, you don't have enough high value cards to make the larger cardpool advantage worthwhile, Lola has no special ability, worst Health/Sanity, worst weakness, weak signature cards and the deck is larger and less consistent. All this makes the game much more swingy which is really bad in Solo which is already inherently more swingy. — Nils · 1

Adding a relevant note about Lola's limitations, from Fantasy Flight rules enquiries: "The player window between steps 1.4 and 1.5 does not occur until all investigators have completed resolving 1.4 (aka drawing the top card of the encounter deck.) If Lola wanted to play a Mystic card (like Ward of Protection) in response to drawing an encounter card, she would have to already be in the Mystic role before the Mythos phase began. Matthew Newman."

Cluny · 40
This is not entirely true, as if someone draws an encounter card with a skill test then it has a player window. Altough it doesn't let Lola use a Ward of protection for that encounter card but can commit cards from her new role and can ward of cards drawn after te skill test. — vidinufi · 32
Does anyone know if Lola’s restriction to playing cards would prevent from using Joey the rats ability to put an asset into play? For example if I’m Rogue Lola and I activate Joey the rat, could I use him to play a .45? — Kodab · 1

Whoops. Placed this as a response to someone else. Sorry for the double post.

Does anyone know if Lola’s restriction to playing cards would prevent from using Joey the rats ability to put an asset into play? For example if I’m Rogue Lola and I activate Joey the rat, could I use him to play a .45?

Kodab · 1
Yes, because Joey’s card text says ‘and play it’ (not ‘and put it into play’ which would be different). Lola can’t play cards of a different role. She can still ‘put a card into play’ such as from Sleight of Hand. — Death by Chocolate · 14