Supporto. Arcano


Costi: 3. XP: 2.


Limite di 1 per investigatore.

Dopo che hai effettuato lo stesso tipo di azione due volte di seguito, esaurisci la Rapidità: Effettua di nuovo 1 altra azione di quel tipo (i tipi includono attivazione, impegno, elusione, combattimento, indagine, movimento, gioco, risorsa e pesca).

Patrick McEvoy
Punto di Non Ritorno #239.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: If I have a card like Flashlight that indicates an activate action [] and Investigate - is it considered an activate action, an Investigate action or both? What about when you play cards with a designator like Spectral Razor? Is that a play action or a Fight action? Both? A: Activating an ability with an action designator or playing a card with an action designator counts as both actions. Using a Flashlight, for example, would count as both an activate action and an investigate action.

  • Q: Would using Flashlight twice while triggering Haste allow you to either Investigate as a free action or use a card activation action? A: Yes, if you used Flashlight twice in a row and then triggered Haste, you could take either an additional activate action, or an additional investigate action (but not one of each).

  • Q: How do Grappling Hook and Haste interact? Example: I do an activate action first, then I use Grappling Hook's ability, can I activate Haste for an extra activate action? If so, when can I perform the activate action given by Haste? In addition, I am executing the three actions given by GH, is there a Player Window between the actions? A: Yes, you can take an activate action on some card, then activate Grappling Hook, and then use Haste to activate again. You should resolve all actions granted with GH before exhausting Haste. There is no player window between the three actions granted by GH.

  • Q: Would you be able to trigger the card Haste if you play two different effects that Parley? For instance, if I play Interrogate, then trigger the Parley action on "Jazz" Mulligan, would I now be able to exhaust Haste to play/activate another action that is also a Parley? A: No, you could not trigger the ability on Haste in that situation. Parleying is not a “type of action” that counts toward Haste; you either “play” a card that allows you to parley, or “activate” an ability that allows you to parley. (October 2023)

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Haste requires you to take two of the same type of action in a row, before giving you a bonus of the same type of action. While free actions are amazing, this means that Haste works best if you can use it a number of times to make up for the cost of doing so. (A baseline would be at least 3-5 times in a game, to make up for the card it takes, the play it takes, and the resource cost.) To confirm its usability, I've laid out the listed set of actions, in a vague order of less to more likely to be done in triplicate:

  • Unlikely:
    • Engage: You really don't want to repeatedly engage in most cases. It requires you to have 3+ monsters in one space on other characters, and you to take multiple Attacks of Opportunities.
    • Evade: You'll only make multiple evade checks if you're either evading multiple things, or have managed to botch numerous evade attempts. Neither are great situations to be in, but they can happen.
    • Move: Three moves is an awkward amount, since it's the equilvalent of spending your entire turn moving. If you really need to get somewhere, it can help, but since it requires you to move three or more spaces in one turn, it's generally better to avoid being in those positions if possible.
  • Possible:
    • Resource: While it's not ideal, there are turns where you need two more resources to get something. A third resource gain can at least help give you a bit of a boost for the future.
    • Draw: Similar to resource, while it's not ideal, if you're desperately searching for a card or need to refill your hand, an extra card won't hurt unless you're pushing yourself over the hand limit.
    • Play: If you have a turn where you really need to get a lot of cards out, this can give you a boost. You'll need to either have a good initial hand with Haste included or be in the right place for a couple of events along with assets lined up, but the saved setup time can be worthwhile.
  • Common:
    • Fight: Enemies can often require multiple hits before going down. This can give you a buffer if you're using some of the rogue's Opportunistic weapons, or save you a few charges/shots if you're using an Enchanted Blade or a Firearm.
    • Investigate: Now we're getting somewhere. If you're not playing Solo, you'll often need multiple investigate actions to completely clear a space of its clues. Even if you are playing solo, this effectively gives you a bit of wiggle room to deal with a failure along the way.
  • Special:
    • Activate: This is the most build-dependent use of Haste, but also what likely determines whether or not it's a good addition to your deck. You can activate different items in order to make Haste work, as long as all of them require in Activate action. You can spare a little extra to make an attempt at Burglary or take a swig from Liquid Courage. Go ahead and make a couple of attempts with your weapon of choice before using a Flashlight or Lockpicks to help clue up. Preston Fairmont can mix in an action banking his Family Inheritance. Sefina Rousseau can mix in a pull or two from underneath her card as long as you don't overdo it. Ornate Bow allows for you to work in both a shot and a reload before doing anything else. But if you have the XP to spare, the most flexible mechanism to use is Borrowed Time. In the worst case scenario, you can bank two actions for next turn and get a third free, earning an extra action every round. In other cases, you can make any other activations you have and bank the others.

Either oddly or fittingly enough, some of the more flexible users of this will be people who are already using Leo De Luca, or otherwise have bonus actions to begin with. It becomes much more practical to set up action chains when you have a bonus action to better position yourself before starting, and Tony Morgan can save a bit of ammo when he can take a preemptive couple of swings.

Ruduen · 933
Some of these are a bit more common than you're making them out to be I think. Play for example. How often do you see something like play emergency cache followed by play an asset ? I'd that putting Haste itself into play constitutes a play action, so you could play Haste, play EC and then immediately play another card, be it an event or asset. I suspect that kind of combo will be quite common. Another would be play Mr Rook, activate his free trigger (which doesn't interrupt the action chain) and then play the resulting card that you draw, gaining another play action. But it'll really bring home the bacon with activate actions since these usually double up as other actions. It makes action sink cards like Scrying or Alchemical Transmutation much more attractive since you can for example 'activate' another asset for fighting or investigating and then use them as effectively a free action. There are probably loads of awesome combos out there. Tbh I think this is card is a little underpriced for what it does. Compare it with Ace in the Hole for example, which is 6xp for 3 additional actions. This is 2xp and ought to easily give you 6 actions over the course of a game so long as you draw it earl enough. — Sassenach · 179
Remember that this is a Rogue 2 card. As is, there are actually very few non-rogues with access to Rogue 2 or other access to the card (Just Wendy and Marie for the moment, I think). The only person who could pull off a Mr. Rook combo is Finn, and that's costing him a valuable slot. And for the Mystic assets you're describing, the Arcane slot becomes a much larger concern for viability, seeing as you often can't spare a slot for an 'unusual' action and a second slot for Haste itself when you need them as primary fighting/investigation tools. Haste is almost certainly is underpriced if you can make good use of it - but that's a substantial enough 'if' that you can't just slot it into every deck, or justify it over other important early tools. — Ruduen · 933
Jenny also has access to Mr Rook. For that matter so does Marie, but actually I don't think she can take Haste since it's not a spell, it's a ritual. I take your point of course, but those were only examples I came up with off the top of my head. There are bound to be more. Hell, this might even make Henry Wan into a viable card if you can now trigger the action for free. In fact I really should try that out... — Sassenach · 179
Yep, for some reason I keep forgetting it's a Ritual and not a Spell. But yes, the main limiting factor for a lot of these combos is that the ally slot is valuable, so it's still hard to justify use for a lot of these. It's why my examples primarily focused on either common or slotless examples. — Ruduen · 933
Leo Anderson can also use Haste. — WolfGeneral349 · 10
Yes, he can. I actually looked over the list and spotted him when confirming everything, so I have no idea why I didn't add him to the list. — Ruduen · 933
Not sure about how this triggers. I believe that you can't play hot streak, haste, and then exhaust haste to play leo de luca (Jeeves model bioroids only count your click spent when rezzed, likely this card should only count your actions taken when played right?). But will its ability start to work when you are playing this asset? — Tzolkin1065 · 155
Haste has to be in play to count actions. So no you wouldnt be able to do that. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
@Tzolkin1065 I believe you can do that. Haste's reaction triggers at "After you perform the action...", at which timing point playing Haste would finish resolving, thus Haste should already be in play. @StyxTBeuford I don't think this is the case. As long as Haste is in play when the timing point triggers it should be fine. — ak45 · 437
Arkham Chronicle has a video that goes in depth explaining what Haste can and can't do, and triggering Haste after playing it based on previous things you did that round is something that does not work. I thought it might as well, but his video uses Matt Newman as his main source. At 3:45 exactly in the video, he quotes Newman: "You can't trigger Haste's ability if it wasn't in play for one of the actions being counted." — StyxTBeuford · 12943
@StyxTBeuford And at 4:05 in that same video it explicitly says that Haste does count the action spent to play it. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
I didn't think that's what we were referring to but maybe I misread. I assumed we talking about counting play actions (eg playing Hot Streak beforehand) counting towards Haste if Haster were played after. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Haste needs to have been in play for all the actions required eg not just when the timing point would trigger, but playing Haste itself can count as one of the actions towards its trigger. I think that's the clearest way to put this. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Also important to note for some builds that Haste tells you to ‘take an action’ means that a) it provokes AoOs and b) it counts towards action count for cards like Pay Day. It’s also an expensive combo, but Haste with Borrowed time gives you very easy ways to trigger it. Every turn you can spend 2 actions for 3 the next turn activating Borrowed Time, and during a six action turn, it is much easier to find some action you’d like to do three times! — Death by Chocolate · 1394
I really like the Haste / Borrowed Time interaction (though admittedly you probably can't count on getting both of them out). I kind of want to build a Chicago Typewriter deck that makes use of that, now. — Zinjanthropus · 225

If you didn't already have Leo De Luca, its only 1xp more to take Charisma and 2x Leo (1) over 2x Haste.

Leo costs 2 more resources but also more than pays off that difference by generating more bonus actions reliably as well as being a 2/2 soak. And it's not like anyone who has access to rogue 2 will have problems with paying 5 upfront.

Baring edge cases like having 3 other allies already, I don't think there's any investigators without Leo who would want to take this. While Dexter Drake certainly likes having more spells, he also has better things to do with his arcane slots.

suika · 9311
It makes the bow viable for Wini. — MrGoldbee · 1419
Why not both? =) — Wastekase · 9
There are people with Rogue 2 who don't take Leo De Luca? — NarkasisBroon · 10
Sure, lots of people. Dexter doesn't always take Leo because Arcane Initiate and David Renfield are probably better for him. Leo Anderson might prefer Grete, Guard Dog, or even Gregory Gry. Heck, most Rogues I play don't take Leo because he's too expensive for set up and other allies do more for them- Finn likes Peter Sylvestre, Sefina likes Arcane Initiate, original Skids prefers Gregory, and some Wini, Tony, and Trish builds would likely prefer Greg as well depending on their set up. All of that said, I don't like Haste very much. It turns out even getting three arrows in a row is tough. I tried it in Sefina with the Bow- noting that her ability, Bow, AND Suggestion all have arrows- and it was incredibly rare that it was worthwhile to chain three of those together. You could shoot bow, reload, shoot, but you'd have to evade first to avoid the attack of opportunity- and too often it was more efficient for the scenario to evade and then move away to do something else. Often you want to evade, investigate, and move. And the evades only chain into bow if you have Suggestion out. It's just too much set up to work enough times in a scenario to pay off in my opinion. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
You aren’t suggesting that you’d play 2 Leos for 5 actions are you? Because Leo is Unique. Other than that, I agree with Styx — there are a lot of reasons to not take Leo even if you can, and I haven’t figured out how to make Haste work. I tried it out in Dexter, and it was... meh. Didn’t trigger enough for an Arcane slot that could hold any — LivefromBenefitSt · 1034
Number of things. — LivefromBenefitSt · 1034
Haste and Leo are both amazing in Tony. With his free fight action he frequently has enough actions to chain two of the same type together, and having Leo in play makes it even easier. Haste is pretty much only viable if you're operating with base 4 actions, because that makes it much easier to put two of the same type on a row. When that's happening, you're taking 5 and 6 action turns regularly. Haste is awesome, if you're already taking a lot of actions. — SGPrometheus · 776
Of course they aren’t suggesting playing 2 Leos. The point of Charisma is to draw a comparison with Haste. You buy two copies of Haste (even though you can only have one in play) for increased reliability and it goes in a relatively uncontested slot. Likewise, you get two Leo’s and Charisma for both reliability and an uncontested (previously nonexistent) slot. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
The problem with Haste I found in Tony is you need to have enough enemies to fight. That sounds a bit dumb, sure, but I mean realistically Tony can already chain together 5 fight actions in a row. It's rare he needs a 6th. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Which is to say, there are situations where it's worthwhile, but generally it's a bit of a waste I think. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
You don’t need 5-6 fight actions for it to be worthwhile - just 3. He can spend the rest of his actions on other things. The most consistent Haste combo is of course with Borrowed Time, since you can almost always tack two ‘click’ actions and Haste a third. Or attack twice with guns and Haste a ‘click’. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
Sure, I agree with Haste+Borrowed Time working well, it's basically just Leo de Luca at that point. He can already chain many actions together if that's what you want to do, so another action adder that's a bit wonky to pull off with any consistency feels like wasted space. What I meant was that, having the continuous fight actions- even just the 3 you need- is actually a bit of an ask, since, if you're efficiently killing as Tony, you don't get as often as you'd think. You often need to move after shooting twice, or need to replay a gun, etc. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Add the free Garrote attack. 1 attack turns into 3 — MrGoldbee · 1419
Garrote's attack does not contribute to the Haste count. It doesn't cost an action. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
If you have more actions, it's easier to trigger Haste because you're more flexible when you chain 3 actions. So if you're planning haste, also take leo and consider other extra actions like quick thinking, Swift reflexes, borrowed time, ace in the whole, 41 derringer (3),.... — Django · 4974
I played Tony with Haste and Leo through TCU. Occasionally I would get 3 fight actions in a row but a lot of the time I used Haste to grab 3 cards or resources with 2 actions. — OrionJA · 1

Does haste also trigger when taking actions on Mythos or scenario cards? What about weaknesses if you have enough actions?

I suppose extra actions make it easier to trigger haste, while free actions that move you also work well to get to more clues.

Edit: Haste makes stuff like "gather ressource" and "draw card" more efficient. Gain 3 cards or 3 ressources for 2 actions? More efficient than Emergency Cache or Preposterous Sketches, if you include costs for drawing, ressources and playing them.

Free actions that grant other action types as effect don't count towards Haste cause you didn't spend an action to initiate them, like Pathfinder doesn't trigger Frozen in Fear. Examples: Double, Double, Uncage the Soul (Sefina), Ever Vigilant (Skids)

Edit2: Ignore my last paragragh, haste cares about performing the same type of action twice, not spending an action to do so. So above cards all trigger haste.

Django · 4974
If it’s got an action arrow I assume it at least counts towards “Activate”, so Id say yes. There’s plenty of encounter cards that require other specific actions as well. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Does this work with double double? — Rivilus · 1
I just realized, Haste says "types include..." which is not an exhaustive list. But it's true, weakness and encounter cards should count as "activate" like in the flashlight question. @Rivilus: Double says that you "play" that event, so i'd say it works. — Django · 4974
What about Uncage the soul (sefina) or Ever Vigilant (Skids)? — Django · 4974
After reading pathfinder, it seems stuff that doesn't cost an action doesn't trigger haste, so double and cards from my last question don't trigger either. — Django · 4974
Ignore my last comment, haste cares about performing the same type of action twice, not spending an action to do so. So above cards all trigger haste. Compared to Frozen in fear, haste cares about the resulting action type, while Frozen in fear checks if an action is initated and modifies the cost. — Django · 4974
Generally speaking, card and abilities that care about “performing” actions only count actions that spend one of your three action opportunities. Playing a fast action or using a fast ability, even one with an action designator, does not count as an action for such purposes.” Matthew Newman — Rivilus · 1
So from that I’m guessing pathfinder, double double etc don’t seem to work... — Rivilus · 1
I was going to say, I'm fairly certain Double, Double etc do not work because it doesn't cost an action, it's just a play effect. If it specifically said you received an extra play Action, it would work. This is relevant as Leo Anderson has the same effect- he gets to play an ally at the beginning of his turn, but it doesn't not count as an action and therefore won't trigger Haste. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Does Haste need to be in play for the number of actions to start counting? Can I play an asset, then play Haste, then activate Haste to take a free play action? — Vittek · 1
I think haste needs to be on the board to start counting actions. so Vittek that wouldnt work. if it were to work you might have to play haste first but even then it wasnt on the board to record the play action ... so i doubt that will work. — Roakana · 1
Haste has to be in play for all the actions being counted- playing Haste itself does count as one action towards the trigger. — StyxTBeuford · 12943

I'll jump in with a thumbs up for Haste with our favourite salesman Bob Jenkins. Sure, Bob could take Leo De Luca 0 or 1, but why when you have Gené Beauregard, Lola Santiago or Joey "The Rat" Vigil to choose from after scenario 1? Moreover, Bob becomes a sales machine with his free Item-buy action and spending just one regular action to play an item. All of a sudden one 'standard' action becomes three items, and when Shrewd Dealings is up those items can go to anyone. Haste lets Bob take that extra step on a long map - especially when he lucks out with Track Shoes, or investigate a bunch of times, or fight with .18 Derringer - especially good because with a middling Fight of 5 (3+2), he might miss once, and can try again for free. So gimme Hasty Bob any day of the week.

Krysmopompas · 353
Because Charisma + Leo de Luca (1) x2 only costs 1 xp more compared to Haste x2, gives you a 2/2 soak, and gives you far more additional actions than Haste while being only a bit more expensive. — suika · 9311
I know that’s your POV, I saw your argument in another review...and not the play style for everyone. I’d rather have more items in the pile than allies, and LDL is both expensive and popular, so someone else might have already laid claim to him. Furthermore why use the same cards all the time? Bob and other new investigators are meant to enhance enjoyment of the while card pool, not go back to the same ones all the time. To each their own, but Haste and Bob are a great combo that keep you involved in game strategy and keeps things fresh to boot. Plus it’s highly effective and most of all fun — Krysmopompas · 353
Sure, I'm not saying it's unplayable or bad if you're trying something new, I'm just answering that rthetorical question from an efficiency standpoint. — suika · 9311
@suika it might be more efficient to have more useful allies that Leo and have haste in your undisputed arcane slot. — Oriflam · 207
@Oriflam exactly - if you're clue-focused Bob and you wanted to run Charisma, a combo of Gené and Lola would be great to drag and buy clues all over the board, plus your Lockpicks would be off the charts — Krysmopompas · 353
...which in turn triggers Scavenging more effectively, distributing items everywhere...yadda yadda yadda :) — Krysmopompas · 353

Question: How does Haste interact with on commonly found on weakness cards?


1) Spend two actions to discard Hypochondria. Can I take a free on another card afterwards?

2a) What about taking a action first, then wanted to discard Hypochondria. Can I use 1 real + 1 haste action to discard it?

2b) I took two actions first, can I use 1 haste + 1 real action to discard it?

Aesyn · 337
An action triggered ability introduced with more than one arrow is a single action with an additional cost of spending some additional actions. This means that case 1 and 2a don't work - 1 because you've only taken a single Activate action, 2a because Haste is triggered after performing the action (it may trigger in case 2a though, if you have a third activate action to take). Case 2b works. — Thatwasademo · 54
Could you use haste after the two movements on the red clock? — IntoxIcatIon · 1