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Puoi spendere i segreti sul Catalogo dell'Emporio come risorse per pagare i supporti Oggetto giocati da un qualsiasi investigatore nel tuo luogo.

Patrick McEvoy
Ai Confini della Terra, Espansione Investigatori #72.
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I feel the other review underestimated the value of this card in one investigator: William Yorick. I play him in Innsmouth right now with 2 other players (one scenario to go, and until now we are rocking the campaign on hard, but without taboo list), and from my impression it's time to say: In him, this is no niche card, it's a staple!

  • It can be used to pay for other assets in the discard pile in later rounds. Unfortunately no Ally or Talent (up until now Beat Cop, Safeguard and Well Prepared were the only non-permanent assets without the Item Trait in my deck), and it won't be needed for Mr. Pawterson or a Leather Coat, but there was always use until late game for me, gaining extra actions recycling a Police Badge or getting a new weapon into play.
  • With level 0-2, Yorick has no access to Stick to the Plan. Yet, in an excessive Asset build, which you likely do with him, Ever Vigilant is still a solid pick. But having the resources for optimal use, if you don't get it into the starting hand, is normally not a given. With a catalog, either in your hand to be played as the first card, or just played after killing an Enemy, it's so much easier to use this event efficiently even later in the game, when you've used up your starting resources.
  • I have "greedy" partners. Maybe 30 to 40% of the revenue went to them for playing their Items. Since there were turns without enemies on the board, getting a bit into support for the others was a good way to put additional value to my role in the team.

There was not a single game, where I didn't play the catalog at least 4 or 5 times, in one game it might have been up to 8. But the secrets were hardly ever wasted. I will keep going shopping into the Maelstrom.

Susumu · 351
Great suggestions. I want to try something like this myself. Maybe to mitgate the lack of SttP+Ever Vigilant by taking geared up plus one or two backpacks(2). Hard mulligan for the backpacks can result in a really big pile of items in play in the first round with teh catalogue among them. Unfortunately this makes the first round quite swingy if you cant find a backpack, I guess. — 10erRingscheibe · 31
Never mind, Geared up neither works with backpack nor with the catalogue, since you don't put them out one at a time (like ever vigilant). — 10erRingscheibe · 31
I wrote it into the comments in another review: I think, the "one at a time" on "Ever Vigilant" is an unnecessary clarification. Playing a card is always a Sequence, you have to initiate. So you can never play multiple cards "all at once". That said, "Geared Up" is not really apealing to me for some reasons. I do agree though, that if I ever take it, it would be definitely in an investigator without level 3 Guardian access. — Susumu · 351
It's been a blast with Yorick. Question though, do my teammates play items on their turn with it or on Yoricks? — HiPFLasK · 2

I think one aspect wasn't mentioned so far by the other reviews: the Schoffner's Catalogue can pay for a second copy of itself, because it is also an item.

I think this has a fun combo potential with for example two Ice Axe(3) and Scavenging/Scavenging(2) in Minh Thi Phan. If you have two catalogues in play/discard, you will never run out of money for recursion of the axes or the second copy of the catalogue, provided once in a while you don't use your scavenge on an axe but to return an empty catalogue. Of course you have to find all this, but with the search-tech of and Minhs tendency for a lot of card draw its fairly doable.

Also the Backpack or better the Backpack(2) can dig deep to find all pieces exept scavenging. As a nice side effect it can also find other nice stuff like her favorite dairy or totem, which of course can also be paid by the trusty catalogue. As mentioned by others, you can even go for a dark horse-item-skill-build with this combo.

Yea, I agree. I bought a second copy of the catalogue from the first several times in my run as Yorick, and most times from the graveyard. The money was often gone again by my next turn. — Susumu · 351

Schoffner's Catalogue isn't a good card on its own. The reason is obvious; having to pay 2 resources, a card and a play action for 5 resources is a lousy deal. Yes, you can pay for other investigators' stuff, but the item assets-only clause is a severe limitation in a game with events, spells, allies and whatsnot. Also note that most investigators tend to play their items early-to-mid game, making Schoffner's Catalogue less relevant as the rounds pass by.

Still, it's a good card for a few investigators:

  • Bob Jenkins really likes this card, as he can play it as an extra action and use it to pay for all his other items. The catalogue as an item based support package is literally designed for him.
  • It's also decent for parallell Daisy Walker, as the catalog is pocket sized and requires no hand slots. And =Daisy can use it to pay for her other tomes and as a target for tome-related shenanigans.

Other highlights:

  • Recursion. The catalogue is automatically discarded when empty, making for an easy combo with Scavenging. With Scavenging (2) you can even get it in play without spending a play action.
  • Tome interactions. Whitton Greene to find it, Library Docent to bump it or play it for free, etc.
  • It's also a possible source for harvesting secrets (Eldritch Sophist).

All in all, a niche card that works well for Bob and possibly parallell Daisy. Other investigators will have to find ways to make the catalogue more efficient to make it worth their time - such as a support Minh with Scavenging or a Yorick build with enough costly items to make the catalogue worth using his ability on.

olahren · 3199
I know of a certain actor who might want to keep this near his scripts... almost like recursion is an inherent part of his character... — supertoasty · 37
It's a fair point, and I've updated the review to mention Yorick. Our dear aspiring actor can certainly use the catalogue. — olahren · 3199
Question: do we know this takes a hand slot? The text shown here doesn't say. Also a minor point; Bob's item-playing appears to be an extra action, not a fast action. Same net tempo benefit in a vacuum, better in some cases (Payday!), worse in others (engaged by enemy). — HanoverFist · 690
HanoverFist: We know that it doesn't require a hand slot. Luckily! It would be quite a lot worse if it did. Good point with extra VS fast action; I've edited the review (I quite enjoyed Pay Day in my Bob Jenkins VS Circle Undone-test deck by the way) — olahren · 3199
Great addition to a Minh Scavenging deck, probably instead of Charles Ross. — AlexP · 245
olahren: Awesome, that does boost this card's stock significantly. It really feels like the design of this cycle leaning so heavily on multiplayer asset-trading(Bob Jenkins, Untimely Transaction) hinges on getting more slotless assets worth trading. This now kinda fits that bill- everybody likes money, and this is basically money in book-form. Just... not very much of it! — HanoverFist · 690
Do you play emergency caches? If so, why would you look at this card and say a net gain of 3 resources for a card and a play action are no good? — AussieKSU · 1036
And the cost of 2 resources, and the item limitation is mute compared to the regrowth you can get with scavenging. Sure it's not as universal at e cache, but it's much stronger in many ways. — AussieKSU · 1036
It's a niche card, but for that niche, it's a perfect fit. It's stronger in multiplayer if you have partners with expensive decks, and, of course, if you have some way of bringing it directly into play (IE, Scavenging(2) or Yorick). — Xelto · 6
There is also the additional benefit when playing Dark Horse that you can still play more expensive Items without sacrificing the benefits of Dark Horse while saving up to play them — ErynnWoodward · 1

This was a pretty useful addition to my Dark Horse Patrice deck. It let her stash resources "off the books" and use them to pay for the relatively limited number of items in the deck that she absolutely had to be able to play when they came up (Moonstone and Patrice's Violin are very timing dependent), plus the odd extra. It's more or less an Emergency Cache where the action to play is divorced from the time you use the resources. I suspect the "stashing" effect is a benefit in most Dark Horse decks, but I've only played the one.

I also love that it uses secrets; I am sure Schoffner's motto is "The Secrets are the Savings!"

Clutch for Rogues. They need expensive items, often. — MrGoldbee · 1419

This card is so dang good it's actually ridiculous.

At worst, it's sort of like a net Emergency Cache anyone on your space can spend on items (not a huge restriction for most decks). At best, it's a complete loose cannon. It allows for such crazy plays. If Yorick has both this and Chainsaw in his discard, he's set -- no other moving parts required. Minh can Scavenge it into absolutely filthy combos recurring high value seeker assets. It even discards itself so that happens smoothly. It's red and level 0, so an easy target for a lot of Survivor recursion if someone's running low on dough -- which is practically your starting hand if you're running Short Supply. And Dark Horse can't see it. I'm sure there are things I'm missing.

It enables so many shenanigans in the most wonderful ways. Just a brilliant card.

I don't really see it. At best its a slow emergency cache. And you're really spending your recursion to get this thing back instead of something more useful? How many items are you playing? — fates · 49

Can you use Knowledge is Power to get a fast 5 resources to pay for an item? And as an option discard the catalog for a fast card draw?

Also can you do this as Lola Hayes in Seeker role to target any color item?


Deathcombo · 30
There is no triggered ability on this card, so no. — dscarpac · 820
And since the catalog has no ability you can activate Lola can use the catalog in every role — Tharzax · 1

After reading the other reviews, I found it curious how so many good points were brought up, yet the logical comparisons between Catalogue and Emergency Cache didn't mention the factor of asset-hating treacheries, of which there are quite a few. One secret could be left on the Catalogue to effectively replace a Crypt Chill's "Discard an asset you control" effect with a more palatable "Lose 1 resource". Besides the asset-hating treacheries, one could also consider the asset-loving SU-21 investigator who can devour the Catalogue with the last secret left. Plus, unlike investigators who might have no use for the Catalogue once fully set up with all the items they want, SU-21 always hungers for more cards to eat including items the Catalogue will help pay for.

ftrkmrvdsr · 2