Supporto. Accessorio


Costi: 3. XP: 2.
Icone Abilità:

Ricevi +1 .

Finché un investigatore nel tuo luogo sta effettuando il suo turno, scarta il Distintivo della Polizia: Durante questo turno, quell'investigatore può effettuare 2 azioni aggiuntive.

Stanislav Dikolenko
Scatola Base #27.
Distintivo della Polizia

"You found the murderous purple meteor? I'll be there in 5 minutes!"

Some of you who remember the wonderful Maniac Mansion know how a simple item like a lost police badge can save an atomic plant from immediate self-destruction!

In Arkham the threats are seldom as grave, but the Police Badge is still a mighty object. Firstly, it grants you a permanent +1 Willpower boost, while secondly, for guardians, it does not take a valuable slot in their inventories. Granted, there exists the Holy Rosary as huge competitor, but Police Badge is in-faction for guardian characters. Besides, as a third and maybe it's biggest pro, it instantly grants you or another investigator 2 additional actions to pull off a mega combo.

On it's own, the badge is like some extra ammunition in your pocket - nice to have, but it feels like there are plenty of more useful assets to solve the problems at hand. But in multiplayer and with a plan in your mind, it gives you a passive bonus while your team works hand in hand towards the same goal, Police Badge enables epic stories. A dedicated 5 actions token-free turn perhaps? Maybe empty Shrivelling in one turn on one target and cast Blinding Light as a finisher? With thoughtful planning, the badge is great, if you play with a new (group of) player(s), do not spoil the fun and deliberately try to make one up!


  • Permanent +1 Willpower boost
  • Fast ability can target other investigators at the same location and is not subject to Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Occupies the accessory slot, which is uncontended for in-faction.
  • Enables various comboes.
  • Nice icons to commit to skill tests.


  • If anything expensive asset, Roland will have trouble to afford it.
  • Can not be tutored for.
Synisill · 767
I think William Yorick loves this xp include- & can benefit from recurrung this excellent little trinket for maximum usage... It's funny what you can dig up isn't it?! — MarkyG · 1
For solo Skids, this is a must. — XehutL · 47
Zoey has a pretty sharp clash between this and her cross. — CaiusDrewart · 2687
I would argue that point. In a multiplayer game I would think that this is a perfect fit Zoey. The +1 willpower helps the natural include of Rite of Seeking and once you find your Zoey's Cross you can use the fast ability to discard the badge giving another player 2 more actions. — Zail · 4
Why does this card not have the "Police" subtype? — Shining Aquas · 7
It's waiting for Tommy Muldoon to come. — Docteur_Hareng · 1
I have a doubt about using it with William Yorick... — alberttrombone · 15
I have a doubt about using it with William Yorick... It is possible to recycle it using Yorick's special hability after defeating an enemy and because of this discard Police Badge twice in a turn to get 4 extra actions? — alberttrombone · 15
The lack of "Police" trait is amusing, and makes one wonder even more where you got this thing, anyway. — Zinjanthropus · 205
Have a question: Has anyone ever -actually- tossed this card for the 2 extra actions? I'm used it plenty, but never used it for extra actions. — SemiSecretSquirrel · 38