Minh Thi Phan
La Segretaria



Volontà: 4. Intelletto: 4. Scontro: 2. Agilità: 2.
Salute: 7. Sanità Mentale: 7.

Dopo che un investigatore nel tuo luogo ha investito 1 carta in una prova di abilità: Quella carta ottiene 1 icona fino alla fine della prova. (Limite di una volta per investigatore per round.)

Effetto di : +1. Dopo che questa prova di abilità è terminata, puoi scegliere 1 carta abilità investita in questa prova per rimetterla nella mano del suo proprietario.

"Puoi fidarti di me, sarò la tua guida nell'ignoto."
Tony Foti
La Strada per Carcosa #2.
Minh Thi Phan

Minh Thi Phan - Retro


Dimensione del Mazzo: 30 carte.

Opzioni del Mazzo: Carte Studioso () di livello 0-5, carte neutrali di livello 0-5, carte Sopravvissuto () di livello 0-2.

Requisiti del Mazzo (non considerati nella dimensione del mazzo): Mente Analitica, Il Re in Giallo (Atto 1), 1 debolezza base casuale.

Minh non si è mai sentita a casa sua in America, e per la sua famiglia le cose erano ancora più difficili prima di trasferirsi: i suoi genitori erano vietnamiti e vivevano nella Corea occupata dal Giappone. Minh studiò sodo per diplomarsi, senza mai dimenticare i sacrifici fatti dai suoi genitori per portarla negli Stati Uniti. Suo padre conobbe un uomo di Arkham, Mr. Thomas, che offrì a Minh un lavoro nel suo ufficio. Questi all'inizio fu gentile con lei...ma poi iniziò a leggere Il Re in Giallo e il suo comportamento cambiò bruscamente; tentò anche di prestarlo a Minh, ma la giovane non osò leggere oltre il primo atto. Tre settimane dopo, Mr. Thomas fu trovato morto. Si era tolto la vita...e il Re in Giallo è la chiave per decifrare la sua morte misteriosa.
Minh Thi Phan

Some observations:

Since the committed card gains after it's committed, this doesn't let you commit cards that don't a matching symbol or cards (like Emergency Cache) that don't have any skill symbols.

The effect only applied to skill cards, not any card you are using to support a skill check.

krish · 40

Minh Thi Phan, the Secretary. Assistant.

The best* seeker in the game, and the worst^ seeker in the game. Minh revolves completely around her access to her signature Analytical Mind, without it she struggles to pass tests without depleting resources and is forced to huddle around her allies to make use of her ability. Once Analytical Mind is in play, however, her potential is unshackled and she can project unparalleled support across the map while accomplishing her own clue-oriented objectives.

For this reason Minh is below power curve until she has two No Stone Unturned (5)s to guarantee immediate access to her unique asset. Past 10xp Minh begins to outpace her contemporaries, and past the midpoint of a campaign she should be trivializing (through some combination of hard card draw and Deciphered Reality) scenarios which severely hamper others.

Obviously she’s better in higher player counts, but she is more than effective enough in 2p. A late-campaign Minh can reach tiers of effectiveness even a pre-taboo Rex would flinch at.

* above 20xp

^ below 10xp

Difrakt · 1148
I strongly disagree with the assessment of Minh as the worst below 10xp if the only grounds for that is lack of reliable access to Analytical Mind. Mr. Rook and other seeker card draw and dig can very reliably pull Analytical Mind even in a level 0 deck. Her own weakness isn't bad to pull early with Rook since (A) it avoids the surprise lost hand slot later and (B) can be easily dealt with by pulling more pitch icons that Rook himself is helping you grab (even at that very moment). — Death by Chocolate · 1164
Rook definitely improves the situation, but at significant risk of pulling either of your two weaknesses which can drastically slow down your deck (and every turn not doing what Minh does best is a huge loss). The resource cost alone is a big problem, and sometimes even with rook you won’t have the right collection of skill icons to clear her weakness early on. — Difrakt · 1148
Seeker grisly totem, drawing thinh, eureka, Ressourceful, perception all help to stay stocked with skill cards as well; Chance encounter 2 is great to resurrect rook and has Int icon to commit. Good target for resourceful — Django · 4192
& Compass. — MrGoldbee · 1242

It’s worth reconsidering Minh a few years after her debut. And it’s because nearly every beneficial card survivors have for clues is in the 0 to 2 XP range.

In terms of assets, the mariner's compass lets you run a speedy-efficient dark horse Minh. In duo, you can clear most locations in one action. With scavenging, you can recur the ice pick(3) and make it three clues. Or use scavenging(2) to continually grab your old keyring.

The new survivor skills are also amazing. In your hands, unexpected courage (2) is a ???. With analytical mind, you can use it all game to mitigate tests they won’t pass but are punished by how much they fail. You even get a card! Plus, you can recur it to help deal with your weakness.

Signum Cruces can fill the bag with blesses, even if you’re intending to use a fire axe and succeed. Unrelenting lets you take test without symbols that penalize you for trying.

On the seeker side and ignoring recursion, Ancestral knowledge and Guided by the Unseen get you more skills. And while Ancestral might make PMP harder to trigger, it allows you to get skills you need later, like stunning blow. Congratulations, the guardian just evaded the boss! No more retaliate this turn!

There’s a lot that makes you hardier than a normal seeker: bandages, jury-rig, hiding space… So many different ways to build the seek-tary. (Although most of them involve the card you can get from either color, grisly totem.) Plus, you can use it to help deal with your weakness.

Now go get a lot of clues and make your team more efficient!

MrGoldbee · 1242
Minh got a big boost wtih EOTE. Scavenging (2) eon chart gives her lots of actions. Pocket telescope saves her lots of actions to investigate from a central spot. Ancestral knowledge is very helpful for clearing the king in yellow. — Django · 4192
I think, Minh has a lot better items for her handslots than compass or even more so keyring. And upgraded "Unexpected Courage" I would strictly only consider, if she has people on the team, who plan to fail stuff. Sure, Scavenging (2) is great on her and "Ancestral Knowledge" as well. — Susumu · 217