Mente Analitica
Tra le Righe



Costi: 3.
Icone Abilità:

Solo mazzo di Minh Thi Phan.

Puoi investire 1 carta in ogni prova di abilità effettuata da un investigatore in un altro luogo.

Dopo che hai investito esattamente 1 carta in una prova abilità, esaurisci la Mente Analitica: Pesca 1 carta.

Maggie Ivy
La Strada per Carcosa #10.
Mente Analitica

Question about this card:

I am engaged with a 2HP enemy and I have as assets Analytical Mind, Grisly Totem, and Dream Diary.

If I investigate using the bonded Essence of the Dream, and it works, it gives me 2 cards and 1 clue.

Can I use these 2 draws to proc Ancient Stone before I get the attack of opportunity and potentially killing an enemy first?

Valentin1331 · 8031
You should have gotten the attack of opportunity before you take any action other than fight, evade, parley and resign. — Tzolkin1065 · 146
No. Attacks of opportunity happen before the action resolves that trigger the attacks of opportunity. So you would resolve the attacks before you initiate the skill test, let alone decide what to commit, draw the token, trigger the reactions that draw the cards, or trigger the Ancient Stones to deal damage. — Yenreb · 15
As other have pointed out, the moment you choose to initiate the investigate action while engaged with an enemy, you take the attack of opportunity. That happens before you even commit cards or pull tokens for the skill test. — StyxTBeuford · 12689