Traduzione di Pietro di Dacia

Supporto. Mano

Oggetto. Tomo.

Costi: 3. XP: 5.


Utilizzo (6 segreti). Limite di 1 per mazzo.

Spendi 1 segreto: Ricevi +2 al valore di abilità in questa prova di abilità.

Spendi 2 segreti: Pesca 2 carte.

Spendi 3 segreti: Scopri 1 indizio in un qualsiasi luogo.

Spendi 4 segreti: Infliggi 3 danni a un nemico impegnato con te.

Dimitri Bielak
Harvey Walters #33.

Latest Taboo

Costs 3 additional experience.

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This card is one of the most insane cards seen to date. Combined with Sleight of Hand, Knowledge is Power and/or Scavenging you have a monster card.

  • It gets up 2 missing clue from anywhere
  • It kills 3 health enemies
  • It draws up to 6 cards
  • Or act as 6 Unexpected Courage

all as actions, combined with Sleight of Hand you can use it for an entire turn for only 1 resource. With Knowledge is Power you can activate anyone of it's abilities once. Once those cards is used up play it and use it again and then once it is spend overwrite it so it gets discarded and fetch it back using Scavenging.

Use this with Rex Murphy and only 5 XP you can get all of the above and with Research Librarian and/or Mr. "Rook" ensures that this combo is almost a sure thing.

It is not even unique so all seekers can get one in multiplayer.

Edit: Got the actual pack now and it turns out that the above was not good enough, so seekers got one more tool to recycle it using Library Docent and an extra tool to find it with Whitton Greene.

tdctaz · 47
I wonder if this will be the first ever card to get tabooed before release :P — Zinjanthropus · 225
Joe can use Well Prepared to get some use out of it even after it's empty, and use Well Maintained to get it back. Also, seekers with survivor access can literally throw the book at enemies using Act of Desperation. — jemwong · 95
Sleight of Hand no longer works. — MrGoldbee · 1419

Nice combo with Minh Thi Phan :

1) put in play Scavenging (2) and Glyphs (+1 clue / 2 pts of success)

2) investigate with Glyphs, commit The Necronomicon

3) succeed by a wide margin (you are investigating with a skill value of 10+ ...)

4) use Scavenging (2) to either take The Necronomicon back in your hand or play it for 3.

Of course it's a 10 XP combo and each test can be failed but it's a fun way to use 5 slots in a deck with cards that can be useful outside of this combo.

AlexP · 245
Make that at least 15. You can not scavenge on something commited in the same test. Check the faq entry on Scavenging. You would use it on another copy commited in the previous test. — Skeith · 2311
Probably wouldn't be too hard to trigger the card draw from 2xDrawing Thin, Grisly Totem, and Analytical Mind with 5 book icons. — Zinjanthropus · 225
Don't forget about Act of Desperation, which allows you to get a +1 damage attack with +3 combat before commits, and gives you enough resources to replay the Nomnomnomicon next time you use Scavenging — Zinjanthropus · 225
With Joe Diamond you can do even better with Well-Prepared. Investigate with Guiding Stones and use Well-Prepared on Necro. — gendrkheinz · 2

tl;dr Well Prepared, Archaic Glyphs (Guiding Stones), The Necronomicon is a crazy combo that can trivialize clue-gathering.

In longer form...

This card is a core piece of my favorite Arkham LCG deck: Joe "The Book" Diamond. It's a basic three-card combo deck that can perform absolutely mind-boggling feats of clue-gathering and save tons of actions.

So we've got the Nomnomicon. What's the rest of this combo? It's pretty simple, but at the time of writing only Joe can pull it off. You just need Archaic Glyphs and Well Prepared! With the Necronomicon this comes out to 15 XP total. Triggering Well Prepared on the Necronomicon gives you +5 to Intellect, which with nothing else is already a 9-value stat. Assets and other commits, as well as skill boosts from the Necronomicon, can easily raise you enough to pick up 3 or more clues reliably per action.

Plus, this card just straight value in Joe. It supplements free clues from his Hunch deck, damage against enemies, and can be refilled/used for free via Truth from Fiction, Astounding Revelation (if you're running searches), and Knowledge is Power.

You won't always need to spend four Nomnomicon charges, exhaust two copies of Well Prepared, and commit four Intellect icons from hand in order to succeed an Archaic Glyphs investigation by 23 and pull 12 clues off of a single location with a single action. But when you do, the Well Guided Necronomicon is here to help!

ElseWhere · 4212
I put together a deck just like this when it was announced. Looked just plain ridiculous on paper back then and still looks ridiculous. I have been patiently waiting for this card and now I can't wait to play it here soon as the Investigator decks are out this week! Cheers! — LikeWise · 1
You combo make me want to play Joe Diamond in a cool crazy way ! — AquaDrehz · 199

I really don't like how this card has no downside thematically. There really should -2 to max sanity, draw encounter card, add a madness or something to reflect the mind-shattering properties of the book.

It's a good translation. — MrGoldbee · 1419
it has the fame of being the fastest taboo'd card ever, some people didn't have the product before it mysteriously changed what it was. — Zerogrim · 287
Can you have can have "The Necronomicon Petrus de Dacia Translation" and "The Necronomicon: Olaus Wormius Translation" in one deck? I think "no", because "The Necronomicon Petrus de Dacia Translation" say: Limit 1 per deck. — CarolusRex · 1