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Rivelazione - Metti in gioco questa carta nella tua area di minaccia e colloca 3 orrori su di essa. Finchè ci sono orrori su di esso, il Necronomicon non può uscire dal gioco.

WConsidera i segnalini che riveli come se fossero , , e (risolvi tutti e tre).

: Sposta 1 orrore da questa carta a Daisy Walker. Poi, se non ci sono orrori su questa carta, scartala.

Jesse Mead
Leggi o Muori #3.


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The Black Cat can negate 2 of the 3 symbols 3 times, for when you really don't want to pull tablets and elder things and catastrophically fail - you'll even have a decent chance of passing the test.

As far as weakness mitigation goes, this is rather XP expensive as Daisy's elder sign effects are quite good and don't need replacement; though the cat's soak is better than anything else she can get in faction.

suika · 9311
Good review...... not sure it's 7000's likes good, but who am I to judge? — LaRoix · 1634
I think it’s literally all just one guy clicking the review likes over and over- why they feel compelled to do so, I have no idea. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Huh! I didn't even know you could hit these more than once. — HanoverFist · 690

This card is worse than The Necronomicon to be sure, but Daisy's Tote Bag is worth it. But no need to spend 5XP on a cat for protection, when Heavy Furs does a better job at 0XP. I doubt that card was designed with cancelling tokens in mind, but it works perfectly well.

xemxi · 10
That's a nice catch. Oddly enough, it would not work on the core set version of this card. I do think, they had the option to cancel the elder sign in mind, though. In addition to John Dee edition, Jackie's spell suite punish an elder sign pull as well, and this might or might not be worth canceling, depending on circumstances. — Susumu · 351

2 questions about this version of necronomicon.

  1. What if you play voice of Ra and reveal elder sign?? Does it earn you 0, 2, or 6 resourse??

  2. If you draw elder sign during skill test, can you play counterspell(2)? If you can, would the effect of 1 icon token of your choice be cancelled? Or all of them?

ks4108 · 5
It's a single chaos token with three symbols. Voice of Ra cares about symbols, so you get 6 out of it. Counterspell cancels a token, so you it cancels the whole thing. — Adny · 1
Voice of Ra states: "For each... symbol revealed, gain an additional 2 resources." This would lead me to believe that one would gain 6 resources because (per Adny's comments) the single token has three symbols. Critically, the Necronomicon states that the three symbols apply when a token is revealed, not only resolved, so it should apply to Voice of Ra and other reveal mechanics. — SocialPsientist · 144
1.6 resources — Pawiu14 · 183
2.Of 1 icon token of your choice — Pawiu14 · 183
...why is it a single chaos token with three symbols, as opposed to the more natural interpretation of treating as though you revealed three chaos tokens simultaenously? — suika · 9311
Because it's literally, physically, a single chaos token. This means, by the way, that Counterspell (2) treats this tri-symbol token differently than Defiance (0) does. Counterspell says to cancel the entire token, so you cancel the entire token and you haven't drawn a token for that test. Defiance says to ignore the effects of the chosen symbol, so you ignore those effects and still resolve the rest of the token. — Thatwasademo · 54
If it's a tri-symbol token, could you cancel it with counterspell? Technically, counterspell specifically cancels a skull/cultist/tablet/elder-thing chaos token, not a chaos token with a skull/cultist/tablet/elder-thing symbol. — suika · 9311
The definition of "skull/cultist/tablet/elder-thing chaos token" *is* "chaos token with a skull/cultist/tablet/elder-thing symbol" (respectively). — Yenreb · 15
Would it defined as a token with that symbol on it, or a token with only that symbol on it? The latter interpretation would mean Counterspell (2) can't target a tri-symbol token. — suika · 9311