Gatto Nero
Bugiardo, Profeta o Entrambi

Supporto. Alleato

Alleato. Avatar. Mondo dei Sogni.

Costi: 2. XP: 5.
Icone Abilità:
Salute: 3. Sanità Mentale: 3.

Ogni volta che riveli un simbolo , o durante una prova di abilità, puoi scegliere di usare gli effetti seguenti invece degli effetti normali di quel simbolo:

: -1. Il Gatto Nero subisce 1 danno diretto.

: -1. Il Gatto Nero subisce 1 orrore diretto.

: +5. Cura tutti i danni e gli orrori al Gatto Nero.

Derek D. Edgell
La Dimora degli Dèi #285.
Gatto Nero

Finally a card to dump an otherwise unused . How often did I draw an when playing Zoey Samaras and felt betrayed by the chaos back, because I was testing on a Willpower treachery and not on a fight check. Countless time I drew the when playing Ursula Downs and quitly thought "Okay, I have a free move, if I would only need to move right now, which I don't". Any Investigator with a pretty situational effect should consider this. It is Chaos Bag control at its best. It is absolutely worth 5xp to me.

thakaris · 184
Guardians have some of the most situational/least useful elder signs, plus access to trusted which boosts this cards effectiveness by a bunch — Difrakt · 1127
Great one for Norman Withers, especially if he's running max level Shrivelling or Azure Flame. — Krysmopompas · 273
Not sure, if you meant that, but the damage or horror from Azur Flame/ Shrivelling is not a "normal effect" from the token, but an effect from the spell. Since the token is NOT canceled by the cat, it would still trigger. — Susumu · 206

Expensive, but absolutely worth it. Jim Culver in particular loves this cat, as it provides protection against a good chunk of the chaos bag when combined with his ability (plus his elder sign isn't so hot anyway). At 3/3 health/sanity and only two resources it also works well as a sturdy shield that has the potential to heal itself.

Jim can also get some more mileage out of it by using solemn vow & trumpet if necessary. — Difrakt · 1127
Seal of the elder sign can heal the cat — Django · 4112

A new niche to the Cat could be Butterfly Swords Lily Chen.

Why her?

The reason is rather simple: the Swords make pull 2 tokens per attack and therefore this is that many more chances to pull a Symbol token that often results in very sad outcomes especially in Hard/Expert.

The cat mitigates this risk.

To make the best out of it, attach 2 Trusted to the cat, if you're really pushy you can get The Star • XVII and let the cat do his job. Then with all these tokens, you will eventually find the that you probably wouldn't have used as most of the time your Disciplines are Unbroken.

Valentin1331 · 8031
Spending 5/10 Xp and an Ally slot on making obviously bad weapons (especially on hard/expert) slightly less bad? It's not a super idea. — olahren · 1870
Interesting. It does help you dig for that ⚝ twice as fast, and each ⚝ untaps a discipline. Its entirely possible to bug someone with the swords, draw into the ⚝, untapping Discipline Balance of Body, pop that triple-attack, then smite away with another bug sword attack, plus two other attacks/evades. With 4 tokens drawn in that flurry, you can't recharge that discipline, but you can recharge others or heal the cat. Drawing the Burdens of Destiny from the deck does 1 damage 1 horror, so soak is in demand. I'm intrigued. — MrWeasely · 14