Costi: –. XP: 4.


Permanente. Limite di 1 per mazzo.

Possiedi 2 slot alleato aggiuntivi, a cui possono essere associati solo supporti Miskatonic.

Obbligo – Quando subisci orrori o danni: Non puoi assegnare più di 1 di quegli danni/orrori ai supporti Miskatonic.

Devin Koehler
Harvey Walters #32.
Fondi Fac. Archeologia Miskatonic


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Does the forced ability of Miskatonic Archaeology Funding mean 1 damage for each Miskatonic ally or 1 damage in total? A: With Miskatonic Archaeology Funding, you can assign 1 damage/horror in total to a Miskatonic asset per instance of damage/horror. You can’t assign to multiple Miskatonic assets. (September 2023)
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As someone immersed in academia, I find the restriction on damaging your Miskatonic allies a hilariously realistic representation of your need to stay in your founder's good graces and demonstrate responsible stewardship of grant resources.

I mean, everyone takes some wear and tear on an expedition, but you are not going to get your grant renewed if your annual report shows you recklessly shoved the funded professors into the front lines of fighting with unholy abominations.

That OTHER intern you have with you, though--they came along on private funding. You can totally send them to investigate that noise.

You're right that it's a win for theming and absolutely hilarious to boot. — DjMiniboss · 44

As of the release of the investigator decks, Seekers have access to 12 allies, 9 of which are Miskatonic traited:

The three allies that do not posses this trait are:

It's hard not to see this card as 2xCharisma with a 2xp discount that still lets you get 2 copies of Charisma for a huge suite of allies in your favorite seeker. Notably, your Rook or Dr. Horowitz (or any off-color allies you have) can go in your original or Charisma slots, so you're definitely not limited to 1 of those allies. The last line of text in this card might affect you a little, but probably not too much. Maybe that research librarian only takes 1 point for you or your art student/Maleson can't soak all the damage from 1 hit. But for the most part, you'll probably want to keep your key allies with only 1 horror on them to keep them around. In most cases you might be better off just telling that ally to call in a favor than letting them die from one hit. Or just let Rook get eaten by snakes :)

The biggest drawback to this card is the deck building cost of putting 6+ allies in your deck and potentially not having 4xp to buy this card after the first scenario. But hopefully as the seeker you can attempt to fix this problem by sweeping up all those VP locations!

This seems like a good card for any seeker, but who do I think benefits most from this? The Librarian herself, Daisy Walker will love all her fellow bibliophiles, especially Library Docent with Old Book of Lore (3) and The Necronomicon (5). Note that the Daisy Walker back cannot take this, along with all the other secondary seekers. Honorable mention for Joe Diamond who can now fit Alice, Milan and additional utility allies if he so desires.

Last but not least, I just want to mention that this card is wonderful in The Dunwich Legacy, for [SPOILER REDACTED] reasons, especially in true solo.

davilimap · 282
Handily, it turns out that the Campus upon which Pete Sylvester is the Big Man is, in fact, Miskatonic's. Which could be of interest to certain Minh builds, and is just a "... Huh." type footnote for Rex who has far better things to do with his 5 off-color cards. — HanoverFist · 690
Rex could turn into a group psychiatrist with 2x Peter and 3x Solemn vow. — Django · 4973
Clarification question: Is the text saying that you cannot assign more than 1 damage/horror to a SINGLE Miskatonic asset or just overall? Because if the former is true, spreading damage/horror to your two Miskatonic allies, and then potentially sending the rest to your primary ally, really isn't that much of a handicap. — TheDoc37 · 467
It must be one in total. Otherwise it would be worded "No more than 1 of that damage/horror can be assigned to EACH Miskatonic asset", and it would be frankly too good for 4 XP. Not so sure about the last sentence of the review. The man from "The House Always Wins" is not so great for his ability for a seeker (except maybe Joe Diamond), but he is unmatched soak for looking behind the veil and be able to talk about it. Not so with this card. Fun fact: it will also care for the janitor. — Susumu · 351
Yeah, it's 1 in total from the amount of damage/horror you just took. Can't apply it to each Miskatonic ally. SPOILERS: Also, to clarify, The Dunwich Legacy can give you a total of 5 allies, 3 of which are Miskatonic traited, so even if one or two of those don't interest you, the extra space for allies seems really good. — davilimap · 282
Not a fan of the Forced ability. They signed the waiver, they knew what they were getting into! — MiskatonicFrosh · 337
I feel like Versatile would be a fantastic way to fill your deck up with allies after you've grabbed this. Possibly even worth getting 2 copies of versatile if you're also going heavy card draw with your deck. — Tacomental · 21