Costi: 2. XP: 2.
Icone Abilità:

Durante il turno di un altro investigatore, esaurisci la Salvaguardia: Per il resto del turno di quell’investigatore, quando esso si muove dal tuo luogo fino a un luogo collegato al tuo, puoi muoverti anche tu fino a quel luogo.

"Tieni gli occhi aperti in caso di guai" mi disse. Alzai gli occhi al cielo. Ci sono sempre guai.
Lukas Banas
Dark Side of the Moon #196.

So this one could well be my new favorite -card, the wording is a bit out of the ordinary though. For some reason this card's -ability does not have the triggering condition beginning with the word "when" or "after" - quite confusing. So my guess is that the "as" is identical to "when" and per RAW for the "when" condition during the resolution of -abilities it will read: "[...] with the word "when..." may be used after the specified triggering condition initiates, but before its impact upon the game state resolves." - i mean, isn't this amazing, your average amazingly fast or someone like Rita Young now drags her along with her and when they encounter an enemy on the way the will move in AFTER the triggering action initiates but BEFORE the impact on the game state resolves, or in a nutshell this card basically says: "You can now drag you favorite with you over half the board and let her engage the enemies for you so you can take care of your business in peace." - As an additional bonus the 's movements are not actions, so if the is already engaged with an enemy, the drags this enemy along without AOs being triggered. Think about the possibilities this opens up, you can free locations of enemies if you need, or push mobs together, if you are a and want to Storm of Spirits. This is a new dimension of play for your .

thakaris · 22
I read "as" as being simultaneous, whereas "when" interrupts (and "after" is clearly subsequent). If it's simultaneous you'd get to choose which of them any monsters would engage (assuming no "Prey" keyword), which is probably better. (With Prey it may be worse though.) — Yenreb · 1
Pretty much an auto-include for any investigator that can take this. There’s really no reason to refuse free movement. This card is severely underpriced. Even if you could only move one location at a time it would be worth it. — c-hung · 2