Trama. Stage 1
Destini: 4. Indizi: –
After interrogating members of the conspiracy within Arkham, you have learned that they are performing a rite of vengeance in response to the destruction of one of their master's lairs. You have entered the woods outside Arkham to try and stop them. The woods seem unnaturally cold, and filled with a deathly silence.
Mark Molnar
Scatola Base #143. Il Divoratore Sotterraneo #2.
The Arkham Woods

Death to the Intruders - Retro

Throughout the woods, a shrieking cry echoes. From somewhere deeper in the forest, a score of hideous voices answer the call, inhuman as the baying of hounds and yet articulate, repeating a singular name:
"Umôrdhoth... Umôrdhoth... Umôrdhoth..."

Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck and discard cards from the top until a Monster enemy is discarded. Spawn that enemy in the Main Path. Then, place 1 doom on that enemy.

The Arkham Woods

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