Capitolo. Stage 3
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The site of the cult's ritual is inside a large cavern in a dark corner of the woods. In the center of the chamber is a candlelit circle marked by rocks and arcane runes.

Spend 1 clue: Test (3) or (3). If you succeed, place 1 clue on this Act.

Objective - If there are 2 clues per investigator on this Act, advance.

Mark Molnar
Scatola Base #148. Il Divoratore Sotterraneo #7.
Disrupting the Ritual

The Ritual Is Broken - Retro

You brave the unnatural chill and weave through arcane symbols, crossing the threshold of the circle. You smother the markings on the ground, covering them with dirt, breaking apart the carefully constructed pattern of smooth rocks. A shrill noise pierces your ears as the air grows suddenly warmer, and the world distorts around you, settling into normality.


Disrupting the Ritual
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • First you spend 1 clue by returning it to the token bank. Then, if you succeed the test, place 1 clue on the act card from the token bank.

  • Your investigator doesn't need to be at the Ritual Site in order to activate the ability of this act card.
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