Capitolo. Stage 2
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The mysterious Stranger from The King in Yellow might know something about what happened during the intermission. You must find and confront him if you are to discover the truth.

Objective - When The Man in the Pallid Mask would be discarded from play, advance.

JB Casacop
La Strada per Carcosa #47. Cala il Sipario #6.
The Stranger

The Path is Mine - Retro

As you face off with the Stranger, you get the sense that he is grinning beneath his pale, faceless mask. "Where is everyone?" you ask, but he does not respond. "What is going on?" He remains silent and steps back as you approach, until his back is against the corner of the room. Inexplicably, he continues to back away, and his body melds into the wall behind him. Erupting from where he stood is a growing mass of viscous ooze.

Instead of discarding The Man in the Pallid Mask, move him to the Lobby.

Add 2 tokens to the chaos bag.

Place 1 horror on the location The Man in the Pallid Mask was moved from. Until the end of the scenario, horror on locations represents the advancing ooze, and each location with horror gains: "Forced - After you leave this location: Test (4). If you fail, take 1 horror and 1 damage."

Keep this card next to the act deck as a reminder, and advance to act 3a.

The Stranger

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