Nemico. Debolezza

Umanoide. Elite.

Combatti: 4. Salute: 3. Eludi: 4.
Danni: –. Orrori: 1.

Generazione - Il luogo più lontano da tutti gli investigatori.


: Indaga. Aumenta di 2 il valori di Oscurità del tuo luogo in questa indagine. Se hai successo, invece di scoprire indizi, sconfiggi l'Uomo dalla Maschera Pallida.

"Davvero, è il momento. Tutti abbiamo deposto i travestimenti, tranne voi." – Robert W. Chambers, "La Maschera,"
Il Re in Giallo
Adam Lane
La Strada per Carcosa #59. Cala il Sipario #19.
Uomo dalla Maschera Pallida


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Not a review, more FAQ. Anwser from Matt Newman: Corpse Dweller will discard The Man in the Pallid Mask, since he is a humanoid enemy. Note that this does not count as ‘defeating’ the Man in the Pallid Mask for the purposes of chasing the stranger though.

If I want to use the card -> Investigate, so what action is correct:

1 - Would I need to have The Man in the Pallid Mask in my threat zone? 2 - Or just I can use this action because I am in the same location and it is no neccesary to have it in my threat zone?

Emisario · 4
It's an Investigate action. Aloof only matters for Fight, so that SOMEBODY must be engaged with him to attack. — Susumu · 347
The answer is 2. — toastsushi · 68
Relevant section of the rules is under the activate action: "Activate" is an action an investigator may take during his or her turn in the investigation phase. An investigator is permitted to activate abilities from the following sources: ... A scenario card that is in play and at the same location as the investigator. This includes the location itself, encounter cards placed at that location, and all encounter cards in the threat area of any investigator at that location. — suika · 9296

Question (minor SPOILERS): The rules say that after an enemy is defeated, it is "placed in the encounter discard pile (or in its owner’s discard pile if it is a weakness." However, in the first scenario, The Man in the Pallid Mask has no owner, so where does it go the second time it's defeated?

szwanger · 2
Cards with a player card back that aren't owned by any player are removed from the game if they leave play. (the only citation I can find to back this up is the FAQ on Lita Chantler here on ArkhamDB, though) — Thatwasademo · 53
to clarify, I'm pretty sure I remember a general statement to that effect but I can't find it now — Thatwasademo · 53
It's placed by the book bwtn 1 & 2. — MrGoldbee · 1412