Trama. Stage 3
Destini: 6. Indizi: –
Alejandro’s former critic stands atop the steps of the main temple, her true self revealed to you. Silver streaks of lightning wind through her open arms. Coiled about her feet is an army of hissing cobras. "Only the chosen can find the Nexus! Only I am worthy!"
Matthew Cowdery
Oltre i Confini #164. Oltre i Confini #4.
Time Collapsing

Trapped in Time - Retro

"Perhaps an eternity or two will quell your foolish desire to find the truth." Padma's laugh echoes across the sky as she steps through the rift atop the temple. "Not that it matters much. Your kind will not be on this Earth much longer…" She vanishes without a trace. You ask Ichtaca what your next course of action should be, but she too is gone. The storm suddenly quiets, and you are left in deafening silence.


Time Collapsing

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