Trama. Stage 3

Destini: 4. Indizi: –
You are convinced of it now: these caverns are without end. They must span the entirety of the subterranean layer of the Earth. Will you ever reach the Nexus? Will you ever make it home?
Helge C. Balzer
Abissi di Yoth #280. Abissi di Yoth #4.

Deep below the Earth - Retro

The path ahead is blocked by a sheer rock cliff. You start to search for a way around when suddenly, hisses and shrieks emerge from behind you, and the area is bathed in orange fire-light. The serpents are coming - one of you must climb to safety and pull the others up!

Find the enemy that is in pursuit with the highest evade value, and spawn it at the location where the investigators began at this depth level.

The lead investigator chooses one investigator to be the group's scout. That investigator checks his or her supplies.

If the scout has rope, he or she is able to climb up with ease, and the investigators suffer no ill effects.

If the scout does not have rope, he or she must test or (5). If the performing investigator fails, he or she makes it to the top but suffers 1 physical trauma from the exhaustion of the climb.

Endless Caverns
Endless Caverns


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