The Father of Serpents


Ancient One. Serpent. Elite.

Combatti: 4. Salute: 6. Eludi: 4.
Danni: 3. Orrori: 3.

Hunter. Massive.

Yig gets +6 health.

Yig cannot be damaged while there is another ready Serpent enemy at its location.

Each other Serpent enemy at Yig's location gains alert and retaliate.

Victory 5.
Helge C. Balzer
Abissi di Yoth #296. Abissi di Yoth #20.


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Forgotten Age isn't everyone's favorite campaign, but it's worth noting the original Curse of Yig story was based in Oklahoma. So the next time you're wishing you weren't lost in the jungle while Poisoned and covered in vines, just remember: you could have been stuck in Tulsa.

This optional boss rewards 5 XP for killing him, which nice if you can juggle the vengeance needed to get here. That said, Yig has a decent bit of health. I recommend making use of the discard ability on Knife to get an additional damage in while fighting him.

SorryLaurie · 532
I'm sorru, is this a joke? Honest question. A knife is absolutely not enouth to kill this guy — Lodge_Infiltrator · 1