Capitolo. Stage 2
Indizi: 1.
Whatever arcane rites are being practiced in these woods, they are attracting the attention of all manner of vile beasts, the likes of which you have never seen. Is this what the soothsayer was trying to warn you about?

Locations in front of you are connected to one another. You cannot enter locations in front of other investigators.

Objective - If a single investigator spends the requisite number of clues, advance.

Sebastian Rodriguez
The Circle Undone #54. The Witching Hour #5.
Witch Hauntings

Strange Melodies - Retro

As you scour the woods for answers - or a path that will lead you back home - you find yourself drawn off the beaten trail by a mesmerizing melody of silvery pipes. Deeper into the damp, hazy woodland you delve, searching for the source of the strange music. Finally, you come upon a foggy clearing, at the center of which lies a half-rotted tree stump. An old but delicately carved wooden flute lies atop the stump, silently beseeching you to approach. The moment you touch the instrument, the piping melody that lured you here is cut short, and the dense fog around you disperses with a sudden breeze.

For the remainder of the scenario, investigators may now enter locations in front of other investigators.

Witch Hauntings

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