Capitolo. Stage 4
Indizi: –
You come across a clearing where a ritual circle has been constructed. Several hooded figures stand around it in a trance, unaware of your presence. Overlooking the ritual is a powerfully built woman who brandishes a long wavy dagger as she sees you approach. "Leave this place at once!" she commands.

Locations in front of you are connected to one another.

Objective - If Anette Mason is defeated, advance.

Objective - If there are no clues on the Witches' Circle, advance.

Sebastian Rodriguez
The Circle Undone #56. The Witching Hour #7.
A Circle Unbroken

A Circle Undone - Retro


If you advanced by defeating Anette Mason:

"Stop!" the coven's leader yells in a commanding voice, grimacing from the wounds you've inflicted. You're not sure if she's speaking to you or to the hooded women surrounding you, but regardless, there is a sudden stillness in the clearing around the circle


If you advanced by discovering all of the clues in the Witches' Circle:

A loud crack echoes throughout the woods as you break the circle and reverse the witches' spell. "No! They have broken the ritual!" one of the witches screams as the spell's energy backfires. White-hot lightning strikes the center of the field, sending dirt and debris flying in every direction. You duck for cover.


A Circle Unbroken

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