Capitolo. Stage 3
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The "device" is nothing more than a locked puzzle box, just about large enough to hold a pair of shoes. The diagram on its surface depicts a broken pattern which can be manipulated to no apparent end, and there does not appear to be a keyhole of any kind.

Objective - If investigators at the same location control the Puzzle Box, the key, the key, the key, and the key, advance.

A.M. Sartor
Per il Bene Superiore #203. Per il Bene Superiore #7.
The Four Keys

Opening the Box - Retro

Though the box itself seems to fight you at every turn, with all four key components in your possession, you finally manage to piece together how to open the contraption. First, you twist and contort the box's many mechanical devices until the image on its lid lines up perfectly with the diagram in your possession ([tablet]). Next, you chant the Latin incantation inscribed on the small wooden plaque you found ([cultist]). It takes a few tries to get it right, but eventually you hear a click as the surface of the wooden container shifts and changes. A round indentation has appeared on the side of the box, matching the size of your mysterious block onyx coin ([elder_thing]). As soon as you place the coin inside, another wooden panel opens on the other side, revealing a keyhole. Finally, you insert the key of bone ([skull]) into the keyhole and turn it. The lid begins to open, and suddenly the entirety of the room is engulfed in a rush of air as all light, color, sound, and matter is sucked into the box.

Check Campaign Log.

- If the investigators are members of the Lodge, (→R1).

- Otherwise, (→R2).

The Four Keys

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