Inner Sanctum - Retro


The door to the Inner Sanctum is locked. You cannot enter the Inner Sanctum unless you control the key.

At the end of the catacombs lies a set of iron doors adorned with the symbol of the Silver Twilight Lodge - three arrows pointed upwards. Unsurprisingly, the doors are locked tight.


Lodge. Sanctum.

Oscurità: 4. Indizi: 1.

Forced - After the Inner Sanctum is revealed: Place 1 random set-aside key on it.

At the far end of this room, a podium stands atop a wooden platform. Several rows of plush seats face the stage. You've never heard of a meeting room like this within the Lodge; this must be a place for only the most dedicated and trusted members.
Greg Bobrowski
Per il Bene Superiore #216. Per il Bene Superiore #20.
Inner Sanctum
Inner Sanctum


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