Cosmos - Retro

The stars danced mockingly, almost shifting now and then to form pale signs of doom that one might wonder one had not seen and feared before; and ever the winds of aether howled of vague blackness and loneliness beyond the cosmos.
– H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
Flight into Oblivion

Otherworld. Void.

Oscurità: 2. Indizi: 1.

Cosmos - You must either connect above, or take 2 horror and connect to the topmost revealed location in a direction of your choice.

Remove 1 resource from the scenario reference card: Move the placement of Flight into Oblivion once upward, placing an empty space in the spot it previously occupied. (Group limit once per game.)

Stephen Somers
Al Cospetto del Trono Nero #337. Al Cospetto del Trono Nero #15-17.
Flight into Oblivion

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