Forbidden. City. Port.

Oscurità: 2. Indizi: 1.


While you are at Ilek-Vad, reduce the cost of the first Spell, Ritual, or Relic card you play each round by 1.

Victory 1.
Beyond the Forbidden Lands, perched atop hollow cliffs of glass, is the rich and powerful city-state of Ilek-Vad.
Mark Molnar
Alla Ricerca del Kadath #133. Alla Ricerca del Kadath #15.



Each investigator at Ilek-Vad heals 2 horror and draws 2 cards.

Flip this card back over.

High above the walls of Ilek-Vad stands the marvelous Palace of Rainbows, its towers faceted so the sunlight forms bright rainbows when it strikes the palace each dawn. You are surprised to learn that the citizenry of Ilek-Vad - people of all stations and, indeed, even outsiders such as yourself - are free to visit the palace grounds and walk its smooth glass streets lined with fragrant gardens. You are able to meet with the king of Ilek-Vad, who is said to know the music of the Moon, and he is happy to share with you his knowledge of the Dreamlands. You never, ever want to leave.
Alla Ricerca del Kadath #133.
The Palace of Rainbows


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