Capitolo. Stage 5
Indizi: –

What do you think you are doing?

These are my dreams.

Do you really think you can
claim this realm for yourself?

It cannot be possessed
by one such as you!

Nyarlathotep's True Shape gets -1 health for each clue the investigators possess, as a group.

Objective - If Nyarlathotep's True Shape is defeated, advance.

Patrick McEvoy
La Dimora degli Dèi #294. La Dimora degli Dèi #9.
The Dream-Eaters

The Black Cat - Retro

The abomination folds in on itself, tears a hole through reality, and escapes through the other side. It has fled the Dreamlands and may never return.
"It is done," the black cat says after a moment of unsteady silence. "The final scene in my vision, and the final chapter of my story." Its form begins to fray and unravel like the end of a rope. "These dreams are very precious, human." Its voice lingers and hums through the air even as the last vestiges of its shape disappear into the aether. "Do not lose them. They are the very heart of you. The heart of us all. And they're yours to keep - at least, for now."
You want to ask what all of this means, but it is too late. The black cat is gone.


The Dream-Eaters

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