Incantesimo. Benedetto.

Costi: 3.


Veloce. Gioca solo quando un nemico attacca un investigatore nel tuo luogo.

Annulla quell'attacco. Poi aggiungi un ammontare di segnalini al sacchetto del caos pari al totale dei valori di Danno e Orrore del nemico attaccante.

Jon Bosco
La Cospirazione di Innsmouth #20.
Mano del Destino


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Some cards you see and you underestimate. I felt that way about "I've had worse…"; if you’re playing guardian right, I thought, you should have plenty of money and not take any harm at all!

When I saw Hand of Fate, my mind filled with those horrible bosses that have 4/4 damage/horror. And if you put this on your deck and team up with Trish, you’ll once per campaign enable the play where she investigates to evade the main boss, you flood the bag with tokens and everything is hunky-dory.

But a lot of the times, you’re going to be with enemies that are 1 or 2 damage or horror.

Now, most cards go well with Diana, this one goes super well. You get a one buck refund, +1 will power, a card, and can save it outside of your hand (underneath her) and bring it back when you need it with Twilight Blade.

But most people associate any card that gives bless tokens with Sister Mary, and this one would be harder to fit for her. Guardians are already clogged with costly assets, so three bucks is a lot to carry around. (You likely won’t be able to get the cash when you need it, because opportunity attacks mean enemies, and if you’re sitting around collecting resources while an ally is engaged at your location...)

If you’re Playing Leo, you can bring this in with adaptable when you know you’re going to be facing bosses. With a rogue splash, you can certainly have three bucks for a fast event.

The best reason to slot this card is if you meet many of the following factors:

*You’re Diana.

*Your deck makes a lot of money or your fellow investigators give you a lot of money.

*You have a lot of uses for blessed tokens, like Rite of sanctification, Ancient Covenant, and Radiant Smite.

*The card art reminds you of Alonso Quijano de la Mancha, and you loved the musical.

MrGoldbee · 1420
One thing I like about rite of sanctification is it has a sort of double synergy with this. It makes a lot of money that you can use to play this, and this adds bless to the chaos bag which you can use to power up your rite — NarkasisBroon · 10
3 ressources is a lot for most guardians, so it's really hard to play for most of them. Also bless tokens aren't really helpful if you don't have other synergies with them so take dodge instead. — Django · 4976
I dont even take Dodge except in Diana. So yeah, I dont see myself taking this ever. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
I think this is clunky even in Diana. She is already probably running two Dodges (a much better card) and, as much as she wants cancels, a much worse third and fourth version of that effect is not good. I would look elsewhere for cancels. — CaiusDrewart · 3046
Alternate Agnes can take it... not convinced she *should* — Timlagor · 4
I think everyone has the right idea. This just seems too expensive. Maybe can be justified at 2 cost. — fates · 49