Incantesimo. Benedetto.

Costi: 3. XP: 3.


Come costo aggiuntivo per giocare Consacrare, rimetti nella riserva dei segnalini un totale di 10 segnalini dal sacchetto del caos e/o sigillati sulle carte in gioco.

Rimuovi 1 destino da qualsiasi carta in gioco.

La luce può splendere anche nell'oscurità più profonda.
Romana Kendelic
Nel Maelstrom #301.

Latest Taboo

This card’s ability gains: “Remove Hallow from the game.”



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EDIT 17/12/21

The main use of this card is not mentioned in a comment yet so I'll add it here:

This card is a must-have alongside Holy Spear. Indeed, using the big attack of the Spear forces you to seal an ever-growing amount of tokens on it, with no means to return them either to the bag or to the token pool.

Well look no more, seal tokens on the Spear to get high attacks, and free them to remove 1 Doom. It's literally a double bonus.

And secondly, if your teammate(s) are using curse in their deck, there is an obvious combo with Tides of Fate to clean a big number of tokens in one action with one doom removed.

This could for example be a good way to get rid of 5 tokens sealed on Holy Spear and 5 sealed on Dark Ritual, or with someone that would break the vow of the Geas

Valentin1331 · 61089
This removes the tokens from the chaos bag, Tides of Fate only puts curses back in the bag if there are blesses in the bag. Since this removes all 10 possible bless tokens from the bag, there's nothing for Tides to replace. The combo can in fact clear 10 curse tokens and remove 1 doom with no drawback. — SGPrometheus · 776
Parallel Agnes is probably the best at playing Hallow, as she can reshuffle Tides and Hallow after playing them. Currently she lacks good Bless or Curse generation, but there is one card coming in Into the Maelstrom that will help. — Zinjanthropus · 225

In a standard 8 scenario campaign it'll take you at least 2 scenarios to get to where you can reliably use this card. After that, you have to generate 10 bless, not use them, pull this card and play it for 3 resources in a class that's usually starved.

Compare that to fortune or fate which you can pick up for just 2 experience, no set up required. You'd have to play Hallow at least twice throughout the campaign to keep pace with it, and it RFG so ypu only get 1 use per scenario. You also lose all bless tokens.

I just don't see this card ever being worth it.

drjones87 · 173
I think that when it didn't remove itself from the game, that it was very powerful. There are a select few card combos that generate a lot of bless tokens (Silas + Signum Crucis + Drawing Thin, Sister Mary plus other bless generation, and Sacred Covenant to keep blesses in the bag) that would allow you to play this multiple times a scenario, and wasn't unreasonable to put together by scenario three or four. At that point, you have a card that can, multiple times a game, remove a doom, which is a very powerful action (one action that generates at least 3 x player count actions) in itself. I think having it remove itself from the game was a necessary change, and unfortunately, it is fairly unplayable in this form like you say. — DjMiniboss · 44
If you combine it with the Sacred Lance, then releasing bless tokens becomes a benefit as much as a cost. — OrionJA · 1
Think about a bless oriented group Tommy and or Yorrick + Mateo + Mary. 10 bless are quickly accumulated and buying a turn is always great. Especially, if more than one buys this card and you get 2-6 extra turns out of a scenario. — Chiungalla · 2