Sventura. Debolezza Base



Rivelazione - Metti in gioco lo Stordimento nella tua area di minaccia.

Lo Stordimento può essere curato come se fosse 1 orrore che possiedi (se viene curato, scartalo).

Obbligo - Dopo che hai effettuato un'azione di negoziato, pesca o indagine: Non puoi effettuare azioni di alcuno di quei tipi per il resto del turno.

Tom Garden
Ai Confini della Terra, Espansione Investigatori #133.


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Bit confused how this works: example: I take an investigate action does it mean I can’t take another investigate action or does it mean I can’t now take another investigate action nor a parley or draw action?

Oldmike · 2
The latter — Nenananas · 250

not a review but a question:

If I use flashlight to investigate, is it regarded as an activate action or an investigate action?

There are a lot of similar questions, e.g.

If I use Scout Ahead to move, is it regarded as a play action or a move action?

If I use Disguise to evade, is it regarded as an evade action or an activate action?

zrj · 1
I think that the answer is both. — Jota · 6
I send the message by error. Wanted to add that, for the card Hasta, it works like that AFAIK — Jota · 6
Haste* Goddammit, sorry for the spam — Jota · 6
This had been asked and answered a lot of time: They are both. Otherwise, if fighting with a weapon was just an activate action, or fighting with a kill spell like "Spectral Razor" just a play action, they would provoke AoO! Also check the FAQ for Ursula Downs, who can use her free investigate on anything with an Investigate designator as well, not just a basic Investigate action. Of course, this also applies to cases like here, where actions are restricted. — Susumu · 351
If I post a rules question on ArkhamDB, it is a review action or an FAQ action? — toastsushi · 68