Supporto. Alleato

Alleato. Creatura.

Costi: 3. XP: 2.

Salute: 4. Sanità Mentale: 2.

Esaurisci il Cane da Guardia: Impegna 1 nemico nel tuo luogo. Quel nemico ti attacca.

Quando l'attacco di un nemico infligge danni e/o orrori al Cane da Guardia: Infliggi 1 danno al nemico attaccante.

Carta creata da the Council-in-Exile durante le Arkham Nights 2020.

Stephen Somers
Le Chiavi Scarlatte, Espansione Investigatori #34.
Cane da Guardia


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After six years, the guard dog finally got an upgrade, and it is a doozy. An additional hit point and sanity is great, making this even better to pair with cards that buff allies. But the new ability is the star of the show: a zero cost engage & an attack that triggers the dog’s ability. In single-player, that’s not very useful, But in multiplayer, it lets you change the order of operations. Grab an enemy off the seeker, letting them complete their full turn instead of flailing around with evades. Engage and chew up a whippoorwill.

Combo pieces worth considering: hunter’s armor, survival knife (0 and 2), The star 17, bandages, Aquinnah (either).

MrGoldbee · 1419
The free ability can be used outside your own turn so you can safeguard someone else and take enemies off of them for later disposal — Django · 4974
Since the enemy attacks you it also becomes exhausted. So it won't be attacking again in the enemy phase. — xtremebystander · 1
@xtremebystander This is not ture. Guard Dog attack does make the enemy exhausted. — elkeinkrad · 473
does not make.. sorry to miswrite. only attack during enemy phase causing exhaustion. — elkeinkrad · 473
The free ability says "That enemy attacks you". By 'you' does it mean the dog or the investigator? — TheCampaignGuy · 1
You the invest. You can assign damage to the dog. — MrGoldbee · 1419


Way to read deckbuilding restrictions. Disregard. These dogs are still very good boys and going to ger a lot of use in a lot of decks, but Daniela cannot take them.

Charlie can though!

End edit.

guys are mandatory on Daniela. For give experience Daniela becomes able to kill most enemies in the game without lifting a finger.

Charisma, a regular guard dog and this upgrade. She has myriad soak and healing options, and basically being able to pull three testless damage out of thin air is ridiculous. "Motivating speech" also has the exact resource cost needed to put these guys into play.

You could very easily build an entire deck around this concept and a level 0 survival knife. Throw in a trash can lid and a teddy bear for the enemies that really hurt when they hit (or rod of animalism and everyones favorite footballer) and you are more or less invincible.

Daniela and her dogs are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

drjones87 · 173