Insight. Upgrade.

Costi: 1.


Fast. Play only during your turn.

Attach Tinker to a Tool asset in your play area. Limit 1 per asset.

Attached asset takes up 1 fewer hand or accessory slot.

"You still call that a wrench?!"
Pixoloid Studios
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #28.


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Having a hand slot signature is tricky. Every class has things to do with the hands. Having a hand slot -weapon- signature is even trickier, because throughout a campaign, it’s eventually going to compete with two-handed or really good one-handed weapons. Daniela has a signature that plays really well with her initial ability… But can’t coexist with chainsaw or sledgehammer, the apex damage options in Survivor. Sure, you can run toolbelt, but that competes with old coat(1), which is four soak for one XP and an action. (Bandolier could help hold your weapons, but it can’t hold your signature; It also fights for the body slot, and Daniela can’t upgrade because she levels into survivor.)

Tinker solves this problem masterfully. It attaches to either the weapons or your wrench, whichever comes first. It cost zero XP, a single resource and no actions. Previously, the wrench was a last resort weapon (+2 to hit and two conditional damage is rapidly outpaced by other options). Now, you can use the wrench as flexibly as you always wanted: presumably to taunt Enemies off the cluever, Aloof 1HP enemies in zero actions.

MrGoldbee · 1420
This really does seem like a Daniela card, yeah... she needs that wrench. This also seems like it was built to combo with Cleaning Kit so that getting +3 supplies on, say, a Chainsaw, doesn't cost you an accessory slot. — HanoverFist · 691
This is also great for campaigns where important story assets take hand or accessory slots. — OrionJA · 1