Perform the setup as indicated in the Night of the Zealot Campaign Guide, with the following exceptions:
- When gathering encounter sets, also gather the new encounter sets for Return to The Gathering shown here.
- Remove Act 1a- "Trapped" from the game and replace it with the new Act 1a- "Mysterious Gateway."
(Continued on reverse side.)

Ritorno a... la Notte della Zelota #11. Ritorno a... L'Adunanza #1.
Return to The Gathering

Return to The Gathering - Retro


- Remove the original Study location from the game and replace it with the new Study (Aberrant Gateway). Put the Study (Aberrant Gateway) into play. Each investigator begins play in the Study (Aberrant Gateway).
- Put the new Guest Hall, Bedroom, and Bathroom locations into play.
- Remove the original Hallway location from the game.
- Choose one of the two Attic locations and one of the two Cellar locations at random, and set them aside, out of play. Remove the other versions of Attic and Cellar from the game.
- Set each other location aside, out of play.

Return to The Gathering

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