Supporto. Mano

Oggetto. Arma. Mischia.

Costi: 2. XP: 2.
Icone Abilità:

: Combatti. Ricevi +2 in questo attacco. Se hai successo attaccando un nemico impegnato con un altro investigatore, infliggi +1 danno in questo attacco; se fallisci, non infliggi alcun danno.

Matthew Cowdery
Return to the Dunwich Legacy #2.

While level 0 blackjack struggles to be seen better than a knife, I became a believer of this level 2 head bopper in our TCU campaign. Joe Diamond rushing in with a machete while Diana had his back with this was quite the dream.

Currently with the taboo list, this costs the same as the machete as well. But blackjack favors the different playstyle. I think this weapon delivers when wielded by secondary guardians who aren't going to be primarily engaging and have clue-gathering or other casting to do with their other actions.

Compared with other weapons at this level, the .45 automatic might seem to be a better bet. Not damaging allies and ammo limitations aren't nothing though. Additionally, for resource-hungry decks, the 2 cost blackjack allows for a better turn 1 setup, is playable in the later game when you find yourself naturally low on cash.

joshvarela · 9
I consider all guardians besides Carolyn as primary fighters and Carolyn can't take this... — Django · 2800