Trama. Stage 3

Destini: 14. Indizi: –

Tome of Rituals gains: " Remove 2 clues from Tome of Rituals: Fight. This attack uses instead of . If you succeed, instead of dealing damage, remove 3 doom from the attacked enemy."

Objective – If Otherworldly Meddler is defeated or has no doom on it, advance.

Borja Pindado
Assassinio all'Hotel Excelsior #46. Assassinio all'Hotel Excelsior #47.

Pawn on the Cosmic Board - Retro


If this agenda advanced by reaching its doom threshold:

You clutch the device in your hands when it suddenly begins to hum and vibrate, its core glowing with a searing, pale-green light. You feel your head throb, a drop of blood rolling down from your nose. You're too late. You were unable to stop the Mi-Go threat before the device reached full power. Now, as you feel your grasp on reality begin to fade, you wonder what the alien meddler will force you - and everyone else in the Excelsior - to do next. Your mind is now clutched firmly in its grasp.(→R2)

If this agenda advanced because you completed its objective:

The alien device hums and pulses for a few more moments, before finally going silent. It rests in your hands, cold and still, seemingly an unassuming trinket once more. You breathe a bit easier and find some measure of comfort in knowing that the strange goings-on of the Excelsior have been put to rest, at least for now.(→R1)

The True Culprit (v. IV)
The True Culprit (v. IV)


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