Trama. Stage 3

Destini: 6. Indizi: –

Time-Worn Locket gains: " When Hotel Manager would attack an investigator at your location, remove 2 clues from Time-Worn Locket: Cancel that attack."

Objective – If Hotel Manager is defeated, advance.

Borja Pindado
Assassinio all'Hotel Excelsior #48. Assassinio all'Hotel Excelsior #49.

Pawn on the Eternal Board - Retro


If this agenda advanced by reaching its doom threshold:

With each person it consumes, the creature grows in power. Guests brush past you toward it, shambling along mindlessly like lambs to the slaughter. The sound of its amorphous form gorging itself on innocents fills your ears. You try reasoning with them, but they ignore you. You try holding them back, but the creatures posing as hotel security beat you back. You fall to the floor, all hope utterly lost... Then you hear it. A single voice, whispering in your head. It coaxes you, beckons you. You slowly stand, and march toward your fate.(→R2)

If this agenda advanced because you completed its objective:

You stand in the lobby of the hotel, the building suddenly silent and seemingly empty. As you survey the results of your work, you glance down at the key in your hand. Such a simple object, yet you still feel a shiver of dread slide down your spine, knowing what once held this key. You are able to find some measure of comfort in knowing that the strange goings-on of the Excelsior have been put to rest, at least for now.(→R1)

The True Culprit (v. VI)
The True Culprit (v. VI)


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