Trama. Stage 1

Destini: 12. Indizi: –
Whatever entity has been unleashed from within the Necronomicon, it is spreading across the campus like a deadly shadow. You must put a stop to it before it grows too powerful to be contained.

Dr. Henry Armitage does not take up an ally slot and gains: "You have 2 additional hand slots, which can only be used to hold Tome assets."

"Jazz" Mulligan gains: ": Move to a Miskatonic location up to 3 connections away."

Yoann Boissonnet
Leggi o Muori #5. Read or Die #2.

Reading Can Be Deadly - Retro

A tremendous whirlwind and a thunderous voice erupts from the Necronomicon, sending a tornado of pages into the sky. A sinister shadow looms over the entire campus, then escapes through the ensuing tempest. When it is done, the grimoire clatters to the floor, devoid of energy. Whatever presence it held before is now gone. It feels somehow empty in your hands.


Mortal Inquiry
Mortal Inquiry


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