Trama. Stage 2

Destini: 8. Indizi: –
Your superiors are pressuring you to drop your investigation. Mr. Grey's influence, no doubt. Meanwhile, he and his lackies are doing everything in their power to quietly remove you from the equation, once and for all.

Forced - When a non-weakness Cultist enemy would be defeated: Heal damage from that enemy until it has 1 remaining health, instead.

Forced - If Roland Banks is defeated: Proceed to (→R2)

: Resign. You don't want to miss your deadline, so you close the case.

Sasha Jones
Da Manuale #34. By the Book #3.

Time Has Run Out - Retro

"It's not enough," your superior scolds you. "I'm sorry, but it's just too contrived for me to believe. And if I don't believe it, the courts won't, either. I mean, honestly. Cults? Human sacrifices?"
You grit your teeth and slam your hand down on the myriad documents and evidence you've collected. It's all there, you insist.
"It's been weeks and you don't have a real case here. Just a lot of circumstantial mumbo-jumbo," he deflects. "And besides, Mr. Grey is a cornerstone of this community. That you would disparage him with these accusations..." The hint of derision towards you in his voice gives him away. Is he on Grey's payroll? Or worse? Either way, it's clear arguing won't get you anywhere. You know better than to make a fuss. You'll have to keep your head down and do things your own way if you want to make a difference in Arkham.

Remove a Cultist enemy in the victory display from the game (Mr. Grey, if able).


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