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MythosBusters · 1798

As described on Mythos Busters podcast episode 109, this deck is my first real swing into playing with Cursed cards. It was meant to be paired with this Agnes Deck, so some of the decisions on what to include are geared on that pairing. The crux of the deck is Cryptic Grimoire. Once you have it translated, this deck will bop around getting clues, collecting resources, and filling as many secrets on the Grimoire and Ariadne's Twine as quickly as possible. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

As a result, the deck is meant to run lean, draw lots of cards, commit lots of cards, and occasionally throw a punch when needed. Some notables:

Blasphemous Covenant + Favor of the Moon + Fey = Profit. In addition to fueling the Grimoire more quickly, these cards offer you a lot of different options when faced with a skill test. By itself, Fey will just negate the modifier on every curse token you know you will pull. And you know you're going to pull them because Favor of the Moon. If filing the teeth off of the curse tokens on your Favor of the Moon wasn't enough, add into the mix Blasphemous Covenant, and you can push things in the other direction. Now with the covenant and Fey, you have the option to suddenly go +3 skill value on literally any test. Which can come in handy when you're running a cheeky one-of Tooth of Eztli.

Quantum Flux: If you haven't tried this card in Daisy yet, I would highly recommend. Since Daisy's draw is so comparatively filtered with Old Book of Lore, generally I have found that you're looking at a pretty high value discard pile. It is a fantastic feeling to be able to put your Favor of the Moons, Deductions, etc. straight back into your deck, then pop the last horror off of The Necronomicon, and enjoy a lovely time drawing the rest of the game.


Jul 15, 2021 Lord Triloth · 1117

I'm on a holy quest to write PMP + Deduction + Enraptured + Promise/Perception beneath ever Daisy deck that doesn't have it. But seriously I'd find it an amazing inclusion here. Fills up secrets, gets clues, gives curses and thins. Everything you ever want, right?
I've tried the Grimoire once in Amanda, and I really had trouble translating it, so I can't wait to try this spin on it out.

Jul 23, 2021 guybrush · 15

Ever thought about using the other cryptic grimoire? There are a few insights in this deck that would love being a fast action.

I'm tweaking this deck right to play as mystic mandy and just noticed that I could easily go with the other grimoire as well.