Strana Soluzione
Liquido Non Identificato


Oggetto. Scienza.

Costi: 1.
Icone Abilità:

: Effettua una prova di (4). Se hai successo, scarta la Strana Soluzione e pesca 2 carte. Annota nel Diario della Campagna che "la soluzione è stata trovata."

A rigor di logica, non dovrebbe nemmeno esistere.
Tiziano Baracchi
L'Eredità di Dunwich #21.
Strana Soluzione

This is, hands down, the best card in the game (currently released, as of 2/23/2017). Identifying the solution is very often the difference between winning and losing, and including 2x in your deck (mandatory in the current meta) can ensure that you identify it twice in a single game, which is just incredible. It seems reasonably costed at 1, though I'm kind of surprised it is level zero. It seems to me that the card is at least level 1, if not 2 or higher.

clydeiii · 36
You got me confused. I really don't know what will happen later on in the campaign after you get to write down that you "have identified the solution" and plz don't spoil it to me (is it even clear yet what it does?) But if you think this card is great because of the card draw, i'm afraid you're mistaking. Testing it succesfully gains you 2 cards.... to get to test it you have to use...... 2 actions (1 action to play it, 1 acton to test it AND the test has to be succesfull) In other words, its even less efficient compared to using actions to draw. So maybe the consequences of getting to to write down in the campaign log that you have identiefied the solution will be great, but the card draw is crappy. — Heyenzzz · 3236
O yeah.... and you have to pay 1 resource to play this asset.. So plz don't use this card as a card draw engine. — Heyenzzz · 3236
If you could repeat the test to draw 2 cards, this card might be useful, but not like this. Like laboratoy assistant, this card is a trap. — Django · 3177
After reading the review again.... i think either @clydeiii is just kidding or I just fed a troll with mij comment.. lol. — Heyenzzz · 3236
He's half-trolling. We have no idea what "you have identified the solution" means. That's kind of the point of the card :D — mowglie · 30
The one upside I find on this card is the wild icon! Playing it with a Rex scavenging deck, and with the lack of great items to pull out, it's hard to turn down a skill icon for anything sometimes c: — Ettecoud · 1
how well this review has aged. — Fuzer · 1