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Verso un Destino Oscuro #267.
Rituale alla Luce Lunare

So, at the time of release in the Dunwich campaign, there's only a handful of cards that this one will apply to:

... and this card is awesome. It makes Blood Pact actually work. Previously, 1 doom for +3 to a test seemed, well, expensive. This would only leave the 'end of agenda' turn to make use of Blood Pact (when further doom wouldn't hurt).

Now, though, go nuts! Blood Pact all over the place. Just hope that you can draw Moonlight Ritual (or better, already have one) before the agenda advances, and then clear it down.

I really like the gambling nature of this combination. It feels like a Faustian pact. Will I draw Moonlight Ritual? Do I wait one more turn and use Blood Pact one more time, risking Ancient Evils, or do I clear it now and struggle with a test?

Brilliant combo, both thematically, and in play.

AndyB · 388
How is this not a ritual? — Rothemd · 2
Well, now that we're seeing more rituals being printed I guess we know. Rituals all seem to be magical spell-like assets that don't use charges. All Spell assets use charges. Except for Blood Pact, Espteric Formula, and Split the Angle. DANGIT FFG! Those three are a permanent, story asset, and signature card respectively, but it's still an annoying number of exceptions. — Death by Chocolate · 12