Trama. Stage 2
Destini: 6. Indizi: –
The creature’s song echoes relentlessly throughout the halls of the theatre. The melody repeats again and again, yet somehow, never the same note twice.

Forced - After Royal Emissary is added to the victory display: Remove all doom from play and reset the agenda deck to agenda 1a. Then, place 3 doom on that agenda.

Federico Piatti
La Strada per Carcosa #45. Cala il Sipario #3.

"Exit Now" - Retro

The song grows louder and louder, until it drowns out all of your thoughts. You collapse to the floor and cover your ears, but try as you might, you cannot muffle the intensity of the creature's awful voice. The whole world threatens to close around you, until at last you hear a discordant phrase throughout the melody: "EXIT NOW."

Each investigator takes 100 horror (cannot be prevented).


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