Dianne Devine
Mercurial and Mischevious


Humanoid. Cultist. Elite.

Combatti: 2. Salute: 3. Eludi: 2.
Danni: –. Orrori: –.


Each investigator at Dianne Devine's location cannot discover or take control of clues.

Forced - At the beginning of the enemy phase: Find the Bystander asset with the fewest clues on it. Move Dianne Devine to that asset's location, if able.

Anna Steinbauer
La Strada per Carcosa #81. L'Ultimo Re #21.
Dianne Devine
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Both The Rougarou and Dianne Devine instruct you to “find” the destination first, which could indeed be the same location they’re already in. There is a slight difference in the way their move effects are worded, though; The Rougarou reads “Move The Rougarou (one location at a time) until it enters that location,” whereas Dianne reads “Move Dianne Devine to that asset’s location, if able.” The Rougarou therefore must still move (in some cases out and then back into the same location), whereas Dianne will simply remain where she is if the Bystander asset that you “found" was already at her location.
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Evading this enemy won't prevent her from moving, since the effect that moves her is not the Hunter keyword. Even if she is stuck at a location with a bystander with 0 clues, she might still bother you if a clue gets placed on the location for any reason. You would be unable to discover that clue until there is another bystander with 0 clues to become a valid target for her forced move. Or until that bystander leaves play for some reason.

While you could fight and defeat her with little trouble (remembering to Engage first since she is Aloof) the actions are probably better spent working on the bystanders.

Signum · 12