Asylum Halls - Retro

The pleasant atmosphere of the reception area disappeared as soon as Dr. Mintz shut the thick iron door behind them. The temperature dropped to a clammy chill, and a foul, sharp stench hung in the air.
– Mallory O’Meara, The Investigators of Arkham Horror
Asylum Halls

Asylum Halls
Eastern Patient Wing


Arkham Asylum.

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Take 1 horror: Evade. Automatically evade a Lunatic enemy at this location.

As they walked through the meandering stone halls of the sanatorium, Carolyn began to feel uneasy. It seemed like it would be very easy to get lost.
- Mallory O'Meara, The Investigators of Arkham Horror
David Auden Nash
Il Giuramento Impronunciabile #170. The Unspeakable Oath #12.
Asylum Halls

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